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Super Moms Inc by Carolyn Woods Review and Giveaway!!

Super Moms Inc : Work From Home, Build A Profitable Home Business, and Find Time For Your Family When You Have Kids to Take Care Of! , is the actual title of Carolyn's book! (I was worried how to fit it all in the title section above;)
I like the title, it covers almost everything that you will find in this book.
This is an excellent book for people who are looking for ideas, just starting out in the work from home, stay at home, scene, and not just for moms either.
Carolyn covers pretty much everything from where to come up with extra money when times get tough, to where to possibly grab some extra money, to long term opportunity ideas you may not of thought of and could definitely benefit from.
I also loved the addition of her personal charts and graphs on how to better keep lists, and budgets. (You know me, lol, I love lists and any charts, graphs or ideas that make my life and business easier!)
The personal stories and thoughts that she adds in with each section makes it as though you are talking to a friend, rather then just reading a "how to" manual. (She is also a busy mom of 4, so who knows better then a fellow busy mom;)
Brainstorming is great and when you find yourself in the position where you may have to earn some extra money somehow, or you quickly need money, a friend, or Carolyn's book, is a definite must have! I'm sure some of the ideas most of us have already done, thought of or tried, but there is always the "newbies" out there, of any age, as well as sometimes when stressed, the rest of us need a good, back to earth moment. This is a handy little guide to keep at home for some pointers.
Although I have to point out there are a couple things I have tried or currently do, that were not mentioned in this book, that have worked well for me. She is a mom herself, and she made me think of several more ways to earn some extra cash.
A couple years ago I was trying to gather ideas for a blog post about how to earn money for groceries, shopping, holidays, and school clothes, when you don't have internet access, or minimal internet access. I never got very far with that one, although I had some of my own brilliant ideas, I didn't have anybody else come up with anything, and I wish I would have known about Carolyn. (or that her book had come out a couple years ago, so I could've just referred my readers!)
It is especially hard for me to earn extra money from home, I am partially disabled, and have 3 small kids at home. (our oldest is grown up now and is a mommy herself!) but we also live in the middle of nowhere, so a lot of people's ideas for how to earn extra cash doesn't always fit somebody like me to well. But Carolyn does touch on almost every possible outlet and you can add or delete and come up with your own clever ways to make a profit!
I do work pt outside of our home, (I usually joke and say this is because I need a break from the little ones! lol!) But I don't earn enough to cover our gigantic expenses!! Yes, my husband works, we actually have our own trucking business, with 1 employee... him!  But we also pay our own repairs, fuel, taxes, tags, insurances, it's endless and costs a hundred times more then a regular vehicle. So, I am endlessly online, trying to find what fits my family best. I have been doing this for almost 7 years now, and have learned the hard way many times!!
I also agree with Carolyn's time and money saving ideas, and didn't ever think of some of them myself, so I certainly learned something from her book.
I do have to add however, that I have been using coupons for several years, and I do keep a log of each shopping trip, each store, amount, what I saved, how much do I get back (ie: rewards, Extrabucks, Up Rewards, Catalinas, etc), and how much was spent per item. Now, this may seem like it takes forever to collect, sort, cut and scour the ads each week, and run everywhere, and it can, sure. But there are weeks, I "take off" and not bother, and there are weeks where it is very minimal.
I do save an enormous amount of money with coupons, and depending on the store, I won't spend 50 cents per item. (The highest I will go is $1 per item) Otherwise, it isn't worth my time. Of course there are things like produce, meat, milk, dairy, deli, that are super high, but if I clump it all together and some of my free groceries cover some of the high priced items, I'm happy;) I could go on and on about coupons but there is so much mis information out there since these ridiculous shows started on the television. I am always sad to see how people have been misled and how people have given up on something that can actually make you money if you play your cards right! (WalMart will pay overages and CVS and Rite Aid will in fact give you $10 in rewards to use on anything in their store, regardless of how much you just saved in coupons.) So, there are sporatic money makers as well as a LOT to be saved.
Back to the book;)
Carolyn has tried so many things and will let you know what has worked, what hasn't worked and what to look for and what to expect. I love the way she took this project on, and I admire her honesty. You can trust her as she explains how she handled things and how she came up with the ideas.
You will really end up learning something and thinking, "Wow! Why didn't I think of that??", when you are finished with her book.


You can read more about Carolyn here on her blog! and you can find her on Twitter! and Facebook!
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