Friday, January 4, 2013

The Heart of a Gypsy by Roberta Kagan

 Roberta Kagan has proven yet again, to be a brilliant author, and historian. I haven't read all of her books yet, but I am planning on it, as she does seem to be ending up as one of my favorite authors.
The Heart of the Gypsy, is truly a masterpiece. I actually read this twice and also did some research, because this is a topic I don't see to much and I don't really think a lot of people realize that the Gypsies were involved, or treated the way they were.
 This book takes place during WW2, in Nazi controlled Europe. There is a lot of this war that we aren't taught in school, and a lot we don't know much about, (unless of course you studied this time or place, a historian) There were Resistance bands across Europe, and these were the people who formed groups of people of different nationalities, and lived in the forests.
 They were a very well organized group of resistors, or partisans, who were able to survive from the land and each other. Of course they had many a horrific fight, travel, victims who came and stumbled upon their hideaways, but for the most part, they managed to survive, had plentiful food, and were very strategically placed throughout their tents and groups. They had everybody that would be needed to create their own communities and had some highly intelligent tactics and ways and means of getting enough food, (for example, sending people out to different areas for their ration cards), and even had guns, ammunition, doctors, and Christian, who was of Aryan race.
 Christian, came to them to help, however he was injured with broken ribs. He was well taken care of by Nadya, a young Gypsy girl, and her brother, Ion. (Nadya and Ion's family were imprisoned by the Nazi's.)
 This is a remarkable book, with plenty of history, lots of fascinating scenes, characters, and terrifying events. It isn't as much just a history book, as the author very cleverly, wove a beautiful story of romance and passion throughout the pages. I am a big fan of history books, and this one was especially a pleasure to read because my own ancestors are of Gypsy descent.
 Unfortunately, I only actually ever met a couple great grandparents who arrived in our country shortly after this was began. But this is something my mom always discusses and tells me about the different family members and our history and I am proud of who we are and where we originated from.
 The Heart of a Gypsy, has now entered my top 10 favorite books of all time list. I read this book over as soon as I was done with it the first time around because I was sad when it ended.
 I would recommend Roberta Kagan's books to anybody who enjoys a good history book, a well written novel, (they are a little longer then some may expect but I find that her books are just the right length.) and for anybody who desires a good romance novel, although this isn't your typical, gushy, romance book. Have you read, The Heart of a Gypsy?
What did you think?
 I would love to read any comments from anybody who has read this book, or any of her books. As well as if you have any recommendations for my next Roberta Kagan novel.

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