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Blaze of Glory by M. Garzon

I am always anxious to read and review a book when it is also the authors debut novel. I think these are the most exciting, and I especially love meeting the author, and being able to catch a glimpse of what might be coming in the future. M. Garzon's , Blaze of Glory, is no exception to my geeky anticipation with debuts.
This is a very well thought out story, it's written as if it's just second nature to this author, and the descriptions, characters, and especially the horses. I personally have no experience with horses, but she has created some very beautiful personalities for them in this book, and just like you will get to know the other characters as if you knew them all their lives, you will also feel the same about the horses in this book.
 Tea, is a 17 year old who has a twin brother, Seth. Since their mother passed away, their step father, who is pretty strict with both of them, but, tries to do what is best in his eyes, continues to raise them. Dec, (their step father) has a nephew, Jaden.
Jaden is 6 years older then Tea, and a polo player, and comes back to Canada after a few years of traveling and playing polo. Of course, you can say Tea and Jaden are first cousins, however it isn't by blood, which leads me to the next part about when Tea and Jaden fall in love.
I know this could possibly turn some people away, however, this isn't the first time this has happened, and again, it isn't by blood, so, I guess the reader should be the "judge" of that.
 Tea and Seth have an incredible bond, and are the best of friends. I like their relationship, and think it is well thought out and just as I would wish or hope or want for my own children's relationships to be. Although Seth, loves his twin sister to pieces, he is a bit worried about her "forbidden love" for their cousin, Jaden. Again, another regular brotherly thing to do. Especially under these circumstances.
 I also like Seth because he isn't scolding or showing disappointment, because he accepts his sister and loves her just for being her, he is more concerned about how this relationship with Jaden, will affect her life.
Although both Tea's and Seth's lives have had it's ups and downs and more then their fair share of bad luck and sadness, they are both very strong 17 year olds. Mainly Tea, who is quite stubborn and headstrong, but even if these qualities are sometimes seen as a fault, I have always thought that it depends on how you use these qualities, which is then considered, in my eyes, (and maybe because I am very similar), an asset, therefore, I do appreciate Tea's character a lot. She has the same type of "assets" that I see in my own 2 daughters and along with this usually comes good values,morals and respect.
 Of course what comes next would be the growing closeness and love between Jaden and Tea. I would recommend that even if you are thinking, "omg!" or " I wouldn't want my daughters reading this!", I would read it first myself. M. Garzon, does a tremendous job with such an intricate subject and it isn't poorly written, and it is done so tastefully that you will end up cheering and filled with joy for Jaden and Tea.
 I don't personally believe that every 17 year old girl who reads this book, will then turn around and think it is ok to have sex, just because everybody else is, or have sex with their cousins. That being said, you should be the judge, and if you feel your teen isn't going to have a problem and change her ways due to what she has read, then she should be just fine.
There are many, many, many things out there that we wish we could shelter our children from, and you know, it isn't going to happen. It is always there, and they will find it, read it, see it, hear it. If they have a brain, they can think for themselves and they will know right from wrong, or they will learn to accept some things that aren't as "normal" as society says.
 I would not recommend this book for a pre teen and depending on maturity, maybe not even 14 or 15. But again, parents should be involved in their children's lives and if you read it, and have no issues, it is fine. I have 4 kids of my own, 2 daughters, and we did try as parents to shelter our children, and we still do. The biggest culprit, television. I would much rather they read a book then watched TV. and this book isn't going to scar them.
You can read more about the author and Blaze of Glory, on her website!
 You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.
I would love to hear what you thought of this book!
 If you have read this book, please let us know what your thoughts are, if not, is this a book you would be interested in?
 Oh, 1 more thing;)
You know when you are reading a really good book, and you think, "Wow! This would make a great movie or mini series!"? Well, this is one of those books, AND it will be a television series! So, congrats to M. Garzon on her spectacular debut and for the television series!!

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