Friday, January 4, 2013

Zappix Android App Review

I just can't get enough of apps, there are apps for everything, some aren't so cool, some are useless, and some are very helpful, or fascinating. Zappix, falls into the, super cool, time saving, helpful category. It's also free, imagine that! I have found that some of the best apps are in fact free.
I have tons and tons of places to call or banking, credit cards, utilities, our cell phones, internet, satellite, and countless stores and businesses that I often call with questions, or to talk with customer service.
I usually end up Google searching for everything and jotting down the numbers, or trying to search for their social media pages. Zappix has a long list of all kinds of different businesses, government agencies, non profits, all kinds of major companies. All you have to do is search for where you want to call, which is quick and painless, and this app will automatically take you to their Twitter, Facebook, or mobile customer service sites for that company. They also can automatically dial for you and direct you right to the proper department, and so far, I have used this quite a bit, they have me connected to the proper place the first time!
I really don't know what I would do without it now that I have been using it. It is a huge time saver for me and I love being able to connect immediately, whether I have 3 kids screaming and hanging on me, and I only have a few minutes to make an important phone call.
Another neat part of Zappix, is that you can email customer service right from the app itself! So far, this has also been working smoothly and better then I had expected.
I have connected to a few businesses, and a lot of the places I have to call each month to pay bills, or for service calls with different providers, and I have these specific places stored in my phone through this app, it's even easier to connect now!
You can grab this useful app at the Google Play Store, or right here.
Please always remember that when you grab apps, free or not, same as books, it is always a wonderful idea to let them know what you think by leaving a review on their page:)
I would love to read any comments from anybody who has tried, Zappix!
I hope you find it saves you lots of stress, headaches and time, like it does for me.

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