Sunday, January 6, 2013

Modern Greetings Second Honeymoon Contest #4

Yay!! Here is contest #4!! In case you haven't entered the first few contests from Modern Greetings, you can still grab a chance!!

This is the last contest they are offering, again, the winner will receive $3000 towards their second honeymoon, to whatever destination they choose! ( this can be used towards rental car, hotel, airfare, dining out or any other expenses) All you have to do, is follow the instructions in the above video, and enter your video, (yes, you can use your cell phone recorder!), and submit your entry!
  I didn't win last week as you can probably see:( That's ok, I am still hoping to make this dream come true someday in our lives.
 But, it is exciting to check out Modern Greetings on Facebook   and   Twitter to see the other entrants and hear their stories!
 If you are new to Modern Greetings, you can check out their products here. They offer tons of cool personalized stationary, and greeting cards!
 They also have photo books, invitations and announcements. I love the lists of occasions, especially for the invitations!
 I never saw actual personalized "Tea Party" invitations before, and this would be so cute for a little princess, even if just for fun! They also have picnic/BBQ invitations, birthday, baby shower, wedding, sports, girls night, casino night, and a lot to choose from for businesses.
 I know princess Genevive would be super happy to have Tea Party invitations to hand out to her friends;)
 Oh, I forgot to add that when you do enter to win this contest, you will also receive a $5 credit to use at so everybody wins!!
 I would love to hear if any of you entered! What did you include in your video? This contest ends on January 10th and this is the 4th contest so it is the last.
So, make this entry count!!

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