Wednesday, January 9, 2013

UGLee Pens Review and Giveaway

I am sure those of you who know me personally, or have read some of my posts, know how much I love pens. I am that person who will take pens from car lots, doctor offices, the dentist, I mean, I guess I'm sorry, but they always seem to have the coolest pens in there. Actually, I have so many pens, I have drawers full, and they are in my truck, my backpack, my purses, sometimes my pockets. I am always, always writing. Mostly menus, to do lists and grocery lists, and to do lists of what to do lists and projects I have to write next, lol.
About a year ago, I was taking Deegan for a check up, and I was anxious to see what pens were laying out. (Our doctors office has them all over the front desk, and in pen holders, omg they are everywhere!) Ok, I'm starting to sound like a junkie lol!!
Anyway, when we got there, my worst nightmare had come true! The pens were attached to chains, and have been ever since! But, they were not attached back in the doctor's actual room, haha!! (He just has regular blue ink Bic pens, so I didn't bother)
I saw this review and giveaway opportunity and I was like, "Oh wow!! I never saw pens like these before!!" I just had to have them and so I applied to be a part of it and I checked my inbox like crazy, hoping and praying I was accepted. Sure enough, I was, YIPEE!!
I was crazy while I waited and waited for my UGLee pens to arrive, and when they did, I felt like the happiest geek ever! I swear to you, I am not exaggerating, this is all real, and really how dorky I am. I was even happier when I saw the hand picked pens were pink. (One of my favorite colors!) Blue ink though, which is very cool.
At first I thought these little mushy, rubber things were going to get all full of kid goop, crumbs, fuzz, etc, but surprisingly, they are perfectly spotless! Nothing sticks to the super comfy grips, at all! (Well, ok, glue I am sure would but nobody is going to stick glue on their pens!)
Writing all day sure ends up hurting your hands like crazy, so does typing, and so does 20 years of bartending, and when you also have chronic pain illnesses, like RSD, MS, arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and so on. The UGLee pen is amazingly soft and fits right in the palm of your hand and even when just bending your fingers or hands causes pain, the super sweet, squooshy feeling from the grips make up for it. It's also cool because it isn't like any other pen or pencil grips I have ever used. These actually help cramps and pain, as well as not slip all over the place like other pens do. Plus, they have this real awesome feeling that reminds you kind of like a mix between silly putty and some of that fun stuff our kids love so much that sticks everywhere, slimy, oozey, goey stuff. I always loved how that feels. But it is not oozey and gooey, but more like covered with a soft shell that is not only beneficial for your overworked hands, but also feels amazing.
Here are some interesting facts about the UGLee pen:
The UGLee pen weighs 11 grams, that is half then a half ounce!
Dr James Lee created the UGLee pen, and he is a real physician.
The UGLee pen is the world's most comfortable erognomic pen. (yes, this is a fact to me)
Kids will benefit from the UGLee pen. Why? Because, kids write a lot of course! It takes years to practice to learn to write, and it also takes years to help build up their little writing muscles. Kids are also at risk for repetitive stress injury. Hmmm maybe these should be delivered to our house by the dozens!
This is my regular, standard test I put every pen I ever use under, and I will share my results of my UGLee pen test below:
How smooth does this pen write?
UGLee pen results: Perfectly smooth everytime, like I'm writing on clouds in heaven!
If I accidentally slide my hand, will the ink get all over me and my paper?
UGLee pen results: NO!!
Do I have to start doodling somewhere before I start writing because of that weird little clumpy ink thing that comes out of the pen?
UGLee pen results: NO!!
Is this a pen that I need to guard with my life before somebody else takes it from me? (like one of my kids?)
UGLee pen results: YES!!
Is this pen going to cause that annoying bubble on my first finger I get after writing all day, everyday for a couple days?
UGLee pen results:
How sturdy is this pen? Will it be able to withstand the amount of clicks I am going to force upon it, (I add a LOT of things to my lists!!) or is it going to stop working pretty quick and just always be hanging out so I have to end up pitching it?
UGLee pen results: I received 3, I am still on my first 1, 2 tablets later, numerous envelopes later, and countless menu and list sheets later, and YES! I am happy to report that the UGLee pen has indeed held up under much agonizing pressure from this to do list addicted mom. 
Is this going to be one of those pens that writes goofy at first with some missing ink and those annoying dots that make me have to start over on a new sheet of paper? Or is it going to write perfect, all the time?
UGLee pen results: PERFECT, ALL THE TIME:P

So, there you have it! This is one of the only pens I will ever hold so dear and near to my heart.
Seriously, because if you take it from me, you're liable to end up at the er;)

Do you want to grab a few of these pens for yourself?
Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win some of your own UGLee pens!!
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  1. Ashley grips to tight...this might solve her not wanting to write issue.

  2. Pens are hard for my fingers to fit comfortable on with the joint pain, curious to see if these would help !

  3. I never tryed this pen but would love to. Writing easay and such for school I alway need a good comfortable pen so I my finger want get tired so fast.