Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Little Rockstar Animations

If you are anything like me, or any other busy mom, or dad;) You are always on the lookout for videos, games, books, anything, that will keep your little nes occupied long enough for you to be able to get a few small chores done around the house. (Or even just so we can escape for a few minutes!)
I found this channel on Youtube, (yes, Youtube is one of my very favorites since there are so many cartoons and videos that are fit for my little ones!)
Little Rockstar, has some of the most adorable and most charming animations I have found, and these guys just love this channel!
Deegan's favorite is The Three Billy Goats Gruff, I actually had to tear him from my laptop just a bit ago, because I needed to get on here and get a few things done lol!
The only thing I have an issue with is (well, it isn't really an issue), but I never get my laptop back! Especially with Genevive and Deegan, they will watch the same videos a hundred times if I let them, and Genevive can work the videos on her own. Thank goodness!

I am sure you have probably seen some of Little Rockstar's videos all over Facebook throughout Christmas, we have been in love with all of their neat Christmas videos and songs, and again, this gave me time to seriously get laundry and dishes done. Very sweet!
One of our (well, mine), New Year's Resolutions was to have more time to get things accomplished, housework, online work, spring cleaning, projects, etc you know, the regular old to do list(s). Little Rockstar is already helping me with this, and when the 2 smallest ones are driving me crazy, and I need to get just 10 minutes of things done, this is what we do. Plug in the laptop in the kitchen and Genevive takes control and they pick their favorites! Instant sanity for me!

You can find them here on Twitter!

and on Facebook!

You can also follow The Little Rockstar's blog, (this is a good idea, because you get to read some super posts and check out some very awesome artwork and learn about all of the new videos!)
There are also some very neat posts here and I love the descriptions of the videos. Deegan is ecstatic just with sitting next to me when I read The Little Rockstar blog, I believe most of this is due to the background, more specifically the monkey lol!

The artwork is just amazing and all of the singing and voices are done so well, very professional. These little ones absolutely love the voices of the characters. Genevive is a sucker for cuteness;p
I would love to hear what you and your kiddos think of The Little Rockstar videos. I'm sure you will find lots of your favorite kid songs, and fairy tales here and the Christmas songs are still up and according to Genevive, Christmas is everyday from Christmas until her birthday, (January 10th), so they will still be well loved here at our house.

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  1. Hi Brandy, thank you so much to you and your kids for this review.