Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pogo Pig App for Toddlers

I am so happy somebody made a saving money app for toddlers!
It is awesome to be able to have such a cute app to help with one of life's most valuable lessons! It is also very important to start teaching this at a very early age.
Deegan is 2 and always loves messing with the computer or our cell phones lol! He especially loves watching videos and playing games. So this was a very fun review for him to do. Oh, and I should mention, he also loves little animals, and little piggies!
This app was created for children ages, 2-4, and is fun, interactive game that will teach your child or children, the concept of saving money and  trust me, it is worth so much more then the 99 cents you pay for this app!
Of course most of us know how important budgeting and saving money is, and we usually have our own ways to teach our children at home how important this is for their futures as well. Pogo Pig comes in very handy when trying to deal with the younger ones, especially when they are sometimes to little to understand the concept. So, this is a very good tool for parents.
We have been trying to teach our children how to save and budget, and have some left for charity.
We started "Behavior Bucks"  here at our house, with hopes of teaching the kids how to earn "money", be respectful, behave, (lol), share, help others, and to save their "money".
They can earn "behavior bucks" for many things, such as, finishing their chores, being nice to one another, helping mom or dad, getting along, sharing, being caught doing a good deed, going out of their way for another family member, etc.
They also have "fines" or taxes, ( we are also trying to implement what it will be like when they grow up and earn money and have actual deductions. These are sometimes simply "fines" for not listening, or fighting with each other. (We were hoping to teach the value of a dollar along with how important family is, and how to grow up to be decent, respectable children, teens and adults.
The cool thing about their, "Behavior Bucks", is that they can spend them at their little store. (This store is open on the weekends, when I have a chance to bring the crates down with the products)
It is cute to see how they sometimes want to buy a pencil, an eraser, a small toy or something for each other.
The other neat lesson they have already learned from this, is how to save money. There are some more expensive items, and some weeks, they decide to wait to make a purchase because they would like to earn more "Behavior Bucks", so they can afford what they want.
While this may not be as effective for Deegan, Pogo Pig is. He still earns his "Behavior Bucks" and shops, but he has been having a very fun time with this interactive game!
You can buy Pogo Pig at the iTunes store!!

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