Friday, December 28, 2012

Last Message Android App Review

I have my neat o Pantech Android phone through Verizon, and plenty of times I have complaints about the annoying thing. lol! There are days it seems all I do is have problems with it, even though there are so many features I really do love! I just miss my old phone, apparently if it isn't a Smartphone, it is an artifact these days. So, of course I was forced into this Android in order to stay current on my family plan.
One of my biggest gripes is of course my battery life, ugh! It seems like it dies 10 times faster then any other phone I ever used. I especially go crazy if I am talking on the phone, or texting or emailing a long message and without warning, it says, "shutting down" ! AAHH I don't know how many times this has happened while I am on Facebook, and I'm messaging somebody, and just like that, my phone dies.
Some phones might have that warning up top, but when my phone is online, emails or Facebook, or even Twitter, that top part disappears and I have no idea what my percentage is at.
I found this new app, Last Message, which is available for Androids 2.2 and higher.  You can fnd this at the Google Play Store.
Last Message, lets you connect to your Twitter, gmail, or Facebook, or this is my favorite part... you can set this for your contacts in your phone! If you were texting somebody, and your phone just shuts down, (like mine, several times a day), you can set your own message to send directly to that person to let them know what happened! I love it! It also actually works, and is very quick and painless to set up.
You just install the app, and then set your gmail, sign into your Facebook, and your Twitter, and set your own personalized message to contact your friends so they don't think you just fell pff the planet;)
It has been a long time since I found an app that is something I am going to be using pretty often. Most of the time I have several apps to clear out of my phone since they don't usually do anything I will ever need. Last Message is one I will use and will need. It will be surviving my monthly app cleaning sweeps too.

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