Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Elite Serum Review

As a lot of you already know, I am a die hard eye cream fan! I always have been, I think I kind of thought that if I would take care of everything when I was very young, I wouldn't ever have to worry about any wrinkles, crows feet, laugh lines, fine lines, dark circles or puffy eyes. But as I got a bit older, I see that it didn't keep them away completely. (I'm not really looking my age quite yet, but I am fearing the day I wake up and look 10 years younger in just 1 night!).
 So, any new serums, creams, any anti aging discoveries are fascinating to me and I try to read up on this as much as possible. I applied to try Elite Serum, and was delighted to receive a, "yes!" reply.
 I fall in love with any good product, especially skin care, or body care items, anything that will help me or anybody, look and feel our best. I rarely find a product that gives almost immediate results.
I did find a few of these super special, amazing treats that really do something like make me say, "Oh wow!! It doesn't just mask the absence of results by making my skin feel baby soft and smell pretty!" Yes, there are some products out there that kind of make you think it is doing something just by the way your skin might feel. Which isn't that bad, especially if you are simply going after a "feeling" rather then actual real time results.
 Elite Serum, IS one of the products that showed me real results, and that alone is enough to boost self esteem or confidence of any 38 and a half year old grandma;) (If only Elite Serum could make a diet serum that truly works........)
 I have a giant sense of humor, maybe an odd one, but I laugh at lots of things and little things make me happy, so I am often smiling or cracking up over something. So, one thing I have noticed is I do have those annoying expression type lines that pop up a bit more nowadays when I'm giggling at everything like I'm 7 lol. Some people think those are ok, I think they are a tiny bit ok, but when I am a grandma and I am trying to at least halfway clear up my skin, and the signs of aging, it would be nice to see them halfway disappear. I have seen a pretty fair difference after using this product for a few weeks.
It is simple to use and comes with it's own little massaging tip for the serum!!
I also see a difference in the skin around my eyes being a bit more firm. I haven't been using this serum long enough to have to grab a refill, but when I am out, this is something I will go grab again.
Just the 2 small changes I have seen with my own eyes is enough for me. Like I said before, I am not super wrinkly so I would believe that if I can see these changes, I can only imagine what this product will do for others! I hope it's still around for me to use in 10 and 20 more years:)
1 container should last you about 45 days, which is pretty accurate. I also like the prices they offer.
If you want to order 1 and that's that, it will cost $89.95 plus shipping. However, you can opt to grab a sweet discount and order an Elite Serum for $59.95 plus shipping, and every 45 days they will automatically send you a new one. BUT, you can cancel at anytime. You do not have to take the next shipment. (although I think most of you will end up kinda liking the next shipment;)
Do you need another reason to love this product?
Elite Serum is made in the USA!!
Here are some facts about Elite Serum:
(taken from their website)

  • Elite Serum™ is a scientifically designed eye serum that is exclusively
    formulated using a combination of unique DNA precursor pool peptides.
  • Use of this treatment is intended to effectively reduce the appearance
    of fine lines, dark circles, crow's feet and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Regular application can significantly improve tone, firmness and skin
    elasticity while restoring a youthful looking eye contour for users of all ages. 
I'd love to know what you think!
Please leave any comments about your experience with this product or if you think this is something you would like to try!

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** I was given this product in return for my honest review **
** This is not a paid post. No money was given for this review. However, I did receive a full size product **

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