Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sports Illustrated for KIds ( Super Cool Christmas Gift!)

My kids absolutely love receiving mail. Most of the time, there isn't much mail for them, since they are kids, lol. But they even love to open up the junk mail and paging through all of the catalogs we get every day.
Once every few months, they do each receive a Lego magazine, and that is by far, their favorite day ever.
One thing that is very important to me, especially these days, is the lack of exercise, outdoor play, and reading. It seems this is a problem with kids these days, and parents who tend to think their children should just sit and watch television or play video games, and they aren't outside as much, or playing in team sports. This is one of the biggest problems I believe children have, and I wish rather then sitting in front of computers and tv's, they would be using their imaginations, and playing like we used to when we were kids.
Of course there isn't anything wrong with tv and video games and computers sometimes, but these things should be only some of the time, and not all day every day.
Sports Illustrated for Kids, is an excellent gift for your kids, for many reasons.
I love how this magazine takes our kids favorite team players, and promote being active, playing together as a team, and of course, reading.
It takes all the cool stuff kids like, their favorite teams, role models, players, and has interesting articles our little ones love.
Not to mention, their website, is also a fun place for kids to hang out and rea more about their favorite sports teams and players!
There are usually contests, my kids love the caption contests! Photos, games and a lot more.
You can also find them on Facebook! 
They are offering a subscription for only $19.95! This is for print and tablet.
Sports Illustrated for Kids has received the highest honors from The Association of Educational Publishers and Parents Choice Awards.
This will make an awesome stocking stuffer for your kids, grandkids, or any sports fans on your Christmas list.

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