Saturday, December 29, 2012

SWAT and Zombies app Review

What could be better then zombies coming after you and trying to attack, Perfectville, and a SWAT team with all kinds of weapons to fight the zombies to save the people of Perfectville? Ha! Not much! Especially considering the very cool amount of different zombies included in the game and the fact that you can play it on your phone??
 Well, SWAT and Zombies is actually a FREE app for your Android! That is very, very cool!
 I had no problems at all, installing this app, it runs very smooth, no glitches as of yet. I actually expected some with all of the graphics, which are also much better then expected.
 Gameplay is also super sweet, and the characters and weapons are better then you would expect for a free app. I also got some of this review from Aaron, my 9 year old, zombie hunting, little gamer.
 He says, "OMG! This game is so cool! OMG! Mom! Check out the girl zombies, lol, you would think they are easy to beat and they aren't!!", and "Woah!! Check out all the coins I got! Sweet! I got 3 stars for this level!", and "This is so awesome, mom! How old do I have to be to have a Smartphone so I don't have to watch your battery life?" Need I say more?
 I have but 1 gripe, and that isn't necessarily a gripe, seeing that although I truly adore a good video game, there are times that maybe since I am almost 39 that I just don't "get" the instructions, who knows, lol. But, I do wish there was a little bit more detail in the instructions given. I tend to like to just jump right in and scrap directions for most games. But there are times I have to go back through the book, or the directions at the beginning, (Yeah, I hate admitting that lol, and I usually don't, so SHHHHH)
But,yeah, there are some parts that are like, "Wait, HUH?" Not many, but enough that it may require to restart just so you can try and figure it out. Other then that, this is a fun game, that will keep you occupied for quite some time. Especially if you are a first person shooter fan, or zombie fan. It definitely gets your heart pumping as you try and stop all the zombies from invading Perfectville. (which is a funny and clever name for a town;)
Of course I don't think this game would be appropriate for all ages, but I do think that there is a line that needs to be drawn about violence in video games and weapons and kids, and even adults.
 Zombies are not real, (well, sometimes the way people act nowadays, I have to wonder anymore;), but yeah, for the most part, zombies are not an actual problem we have, therefore, killing zombies is not something I think my children will have an issue with in the future. Besides, who knows? Maybe they should be training for SWAT and Zombies?
 Seriously though, although I love family oriented and kid oriented games, books, toys, movies, etc, there are times that it is adult time and big people time. I do enjoy video games, and I do enjoy first person shooters, like Doom, for example, is an all time favorite of mine.
However, of course I don't play these with my kids, jeez, I have no time to play them myself anymore, lol. But, I do have time to play this when it is so easily accessible, like on my cell phone.
 So, no, I do not recommend that your children play shooting games, but I would recommend this game for people who do enjoy these types of games, and I just feel as though I need to explain this sometimes, given the horrific news we see in this country and we are a family blog, but for grown ups, and even my 9 year old, (he's soon 10), I have no problems with this game.
 It has awesome sound effects, great graphics, and the game is fun to play.
If you are an Android user, grab this one asap!
Please leave reviews to help the developers with any issues you may find and always say, hey, thanks! If we show appreciation, we will see more cool books, games, and movies:)

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