Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Label Daddy Review and Giveaway

Have you ever sent your little one to school with something for show and tell, a tiny wallet for school store, a pair of gloves, or a hat, only to find your child didn't bring it back home?
Even if the items are found, sometimes, they sit in lost and found, and may never find their way back home.
This has happened so many times with me throughout the years with so many different little ones! Whether it was a water bottle at a soccer game, a baseball game, or a batting glove! Not only does it end up costing time and money to replace, it can be very upsetting for a small child if they lose their favorite lunch bag or stuffed animal!
 If you can relate to any of these disasters, you have to check out Label Daddy!! They create some of the coolest and cutest and most useful labels, for any and all occasions. You can even buy spice labels!
Label Daddy makes all sizes of all purpose labels, and zipper tags, luggage tags, photo stickers, address labels, garbage bin labels, allergy labels and sports sticker labels and more!
 They also offer a few money saving sets to choose from, including, a sports pack, a camping pack, a combo pack and a school pack! For instance, with the school pack, retail price is $40, you will receive:
 1 Bag Tag
 45 Extra Small
 30 Small
 20 Medium
 10 Large
 18 Mini shoe labels
 8 Shoe
 4 Zipper Tags
 You can cover everything for school and more. There would most likely be plenty left over for next school year as well;)
 Label Daddy has a super cool variety of designs to choose from, you can pick from a basic logo, your child's favorite basketball or baseball team, Disney, or Marvel characters.
 Of course you personalize your labels, and choose your colors, check the spelling, they have an option to laminate your labels, which only costs $4.95, and after just a few clicks, you are done!
 If you need some more reasons to love these labels like me and my kiddos do, (you know how much we love small business and American made products in our family), wait until you read about how Label Daddy was created! 2 friends who met in high school at age 16, and dreamed of starting a business together, ended up as Label Daddy! What is better then 2 daddys who know what kids like and what parents need that is still cute or cool for our children, at the same time?
 Another thing I really have to mention, is how these labels are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and washer and dryer safe! They really are too! Trust me! We even had a few zipper tags going through the washer and the dryer and they are as perfect as they were when we unpacked the package!
 A few more awesome points to make about these labels, you do not need to sew! (thank God!), no need for markers, and best of all, no ironing!
 Both Aaron and Genevive begged and pleaded for the zipper tags, lol, they love them and they are attached to every single possible thing they own! Genevive picked out pretty pink Tinkerbell zipper tags and Aaron chose Phineas and Ferb. Deegan got a bunch of small Spiderman multi purpose labels. (Mainly for his cups, toys, his trucks and sweatshirts) and we let him stick a few wherever he wanted. He is 2 but still likes to be a big kid most of the time!
When you visit their site, make sure to download a small PDF file of how to's and helpful hints. Like,please make sure you do not wash any clothing for 24 hours after applying your new labels! The adhesive needs that time to actually bond to the garment!
 One thing Genevive had to learn pretty quick, was that her pretty Tinkerbell zipper tags, are NOT pulls for her coat, sweatshirts, sweaters or backpack, but tags!
 I had no problems whatsoever, while creating and ordering our labels, the website runs very smoothly, and has all of the information you need right there! The prices are reasonable, you will see what I mean after you receive your labels and check out the quality. The selection is great! The only reason it took us a little while was because we didn't know what to choose from.
We give Label Daddy our stamp of approval for quality, user friendly site, superior customer service, and super fast shipping!!
OOHHHH while you are over there, check out their guarantee! Splendid indeed!! How would you like to win a $60 gift certificate for your family??
 Enter the Rafflecopter below and let us know what you would kind of labels you would like to create.
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