Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Broken Build by Rachelle Ayala

This is yet another excellent book by one of my new favorite authors, Rachelle Ayala.
So far, I have to say, Rachelle Ayala, is a very well rounded author who seems to be able to write many different styles her own. It is almost magical, maybe mystical, the way she can intertwine a few different "types" or genres, into one book. ( Michal's Window, was another one like Broken Build. 2 different books, 2 completely different stories and characters) yet somehow, they end up being the, Rachelle Ayala, genre. If you have read either of these books, you know what I'm talking about.
Ok, so enough gushing over this author, lol, I just haven't read such fascinating books like this in a long time. I am not comparing Rachelle Ayala's writing to  V C Andrews or a Roland Dahl, (although I put her talent way up there with them, it is just 3 different styles , of course;) but I remember those books when I was younger, as being fascinating books I would have given my pinky finger to sit up and finish that night. It's the same way with Rachelle's books.
Broken Build is about, Jen Jones, who has some dark secrets in her past. Jen changes her appearance in hopes of a fresh start at life.
Jen Jones, (or Jennifer Cruz), has a past with David Jewell, a software  CEO, who she takes on a job with. David doesn't recognize her, he hasn't seen her for 6 years, but there comes a time when he will find out who she is, and this ends up threatening their relationship.
Together the 2 have to rescue David's daughter, who is believed to be with his dead wife's family.
This story starts right from the first chapter and Rachelle, doesn't miss a beat! I wasn't super surprised, that this author would outdo herself yet again. Simply because, Michal's Window was such a shockingly good story that was filled with romance, betrayal, and heart pumping suspense. But I was very, very impressed.
Rachelle's knowledge and computer savvyness adds so much to this suspense, mystery, thriller, techno thriller, romance novel. Just like her genuine love for writing comes through each description, each character and each page of her books, Broken Build will hit you full force with Rachelle's meticulous style, you will be counting down the days until her new novel comes out in 2013!!
I should warn readers a little bit about this book.
As I stated previously, I loved Broken Build!! However, this may not be suitable for everybody, as there will be some scenes that some may not find appropriate and there may also be some language that some do not find suitable.
There is a lot of computer "lingo" in this story as well, which may be a bit hard to grasp. But, Rachelle, does do a fine job describing in great detail what these words, and phrases mean.

I would love to read any comments anybody may have on this book!
Have you also read, Michal's Window?
If you are a fan of this author, keep your eyes peeled for her newest novel, Hidden Under Her Heart, coming next year!! (I will be for sure, and of course I will announce the details as soon as I find out for myself!!)

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  1. I loved Broken Build! And I'm not uzually one to read romantic suspense (romance, yes) and I'm not big on techy stuff but Ayala's writing made it easy and it fit the story perfectly. Not overdone and unsavy peeps like me had no problem understanding how the broken build created the problems and drama in the story.

    Dave and Jen were not your average heroine and hero either. I think it was Jen's flawed character and her low self esteem that really made me love her. And Dave, well, he was an arse, but I knew there was some hidden redeemable qualities about him. And he definitely came out a shining hero in the end.

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