Friday, November 23, 2012

When Did I App Review

I am so thankful for Smartphones and all of these apps that are available, especially the ones that are created for busy moms and busy people in general. When I Did, is a very cool app that allows you to keep track of everything you need, at any time! It is very easy to use, even for people like me who don't know their way around a Smartphone. (yes, I have had mine since August, and I am still stuck on almost everything) I do have several tablets, planners, to do lists, all of my lists kind of take over everything sometimes, and if a kid isn't writing over top everything, or destroying it, I spill coffee on 1 or 2 or I end up re writing it and throwing away a piece of paper that had something important on. So, yes, I want nothing more then to be more organized!! I have some neat planners I have found, and I have to much to write in the little squares, that I have 4 different planners, 1 for work schedules, 1 for computer schedules, 1 for to do lists and 1 for doctor appointments, birthday parties, and all the fun school stuff. For me, it is very annoying to have so many and if I could have 1 less, I am super happy.
That's where this app comes in! I have been using it for our schedules as a family, and keeping track of parties, appointments, school dances, (and believe me, we have a big family, some of us have medical conditions, so there are times we have more then 1 appointment in 1 week!)
 I would recommend this app for anybody who has something they need to keep track of. This isn't just for busy moms, and busy families. When I Did, can help keep track of your dieting, what you had for lunch, snacks, dinner, how much time you spent jogging, at the gym, during workouts, it's pretty much endless. Another cool thing I have to point out with this app, is that you are in control of categories, and how many, and titles! This is my favorite part!! I don't know how many times I used a planner, whether digital or paper, and even an app, (this is the 3rd I have tried, and now my last:), where they already pre created your list of what is important to you. I always either have to rename them and remember, or scribble it out if it's on paper, and I hate sloppiness. I am constantly re writing to do lists and things when I make a mistake.
 You can grab this app at The Google Play Store. I would love to hear your ideas! What do you keep track of? Have you used this app? How does it compare with other ways of keeping your busy schedules, not so busy and hectic?

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