Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pay Dragon App Review

So, of course being a busy mom, and never having enough time to do anything or finish any to do list, I had so many high hopes for this app, Pay Dragon.
Pay Dragon is an app for your Android, or iPhone, that allows you to scan a bar code from any non perishable items you have in your home, and will allow you to quickly order that item from your phone, with just 1 click! Sounds pretty awesome, right? Indeed it does!
Pay Dragon also offers free 2 day shipping, and even if the price of the product you are ordering seems a little high, remember to add in the fact that you are saving gas and time also!!
This is a blessing, much like that super website where I can subscribe and save, order mac and cheese, cereal, diapers, and Christmas gifts and books, and get it shipped for free! (Yes, I am an addict )
Pay Dragon is a free app, and you are never obligated to make a purchase of course, but at least you know it's there just in case you need it. For instance, I had a terrible vehicle accident and I am still not able to drive, basically, my whole right side was smashed, several broken bones, etc, and of course my truck was totaled. ( I know many of you know about this and I am still not very good at typing, but 1 day soon, I will be back to normal and will share the story:) Anyway, for me living in a rural area, with small kiddos, and our nearest grocery store is 20 minutes away, this is the kind of thing I am in need of! More so since my accident. It is rough having to rely on others to run you around, and luckily, I have a wonderful husband who works like crazy all week, but still gets me to the stores on the weekends. there are still times when I kind of need something and I am out or don't have enough.
When I make up our menus, and figure out school lunches, the kids snack days at school, and things for my husbands lunches, I am usually pretty good with getting things on my list, grabbing the coupons and getting what we need. But even people like me run out and sometimes forget, and this is where I was anxious to use, Pay Dragon.
I used this app now for a few weeks, and I have some complaints, but I wouldn't let this affect my decision to install this app and use it for yourself. Maybe it is just me and the things I can not find, so, I would still give it a try, mainly since it is free after all! Who knows? I am sure a lot of the quirks and things will be fixed and this app has some potential to be one of the most helpful apps on the market!
What are my complaints?
For starters, I am a regular mom, with a regular family, we use the same brands and products that most other families use. For 3 weeks, I have been scanning bar codes with this app, and I continue to get the message, "Sorry, this item is out of stock" however, they will let you submit the item, and they will contact you when it is back in stock. I would say, for the time I have been using this app, I am only able to find 1 out of every 25 bar codes I scanned. these are not goofy products that are super rare or anything, they are things like, Crispix cereal, Skintimate shave gel, Suave body wash, boxes of jello products, Method cleaners, Maxwell House coffee, Coffeemate cream, Chex Mix, Lucky Charms, Duncan Hines cake mix, Betty Crocker icing, Lysol cleaning wipes, Carpet Fresh,  just regular everyday, random, items. But for the whole time, they have been, "out of stock". I understand that while having over 5000 non perishable items available, and maybe just a whole lot of people ordering these regular products, maybe this is why. But it has been a few weeks that I randomly check bar codes, just in case I find 1 I need that is available to ship.
Next issue, some products are only available in larger quantity. For example, Coffeemate, the largest size, (yes, lol, I LOVE Coffeemate and we go through a LOT of it!!), are only available in sets of 4. Which is fine, and of course I sometimes buy by the case, but I already do this through other websites, and at the store. But once in a while, I just need 1! Maybe I don't have $40 available that day, but I have $10 available and I just want 1. I don't see this as a major problem, I just hope in the future, they change this to options, "Would you like 1?" or "Would you like this by the case?"
Next issue I have are the prices. I did keep in mind the price of gas, the fact that it is more about being convenient, rather then saving money. But, the prices are very high on most products. One of the few things that was readily available to be shipped to me, was a bag of Goldfish Flavor Blasted Pizza Crackers. These are something we use a lot! The kids love them and I can usually get these for well under $3,  actually, these are often on sale for 3 for $5 or 2 for $4. That is when I stock up. But with this app, they are just a few cents under $4 a bag. I doubt I will ever order for that price, ever. Other sites that offer groceries, non perishables, at discounted prices or have sales, have better prices, on the bar codes I have scanned! This may not apply to everybody, and I live in PA, so maybe we just have way better prices on groceries and sales? I don't know, so I would still recommend giving this app a try! Oh, the other price I wanted to bring up was for Suave body wash. For just 1 regular old size, Suave body wash, it was over $5. Now, if you are a coupon shopper, you know these are rarely more then $2, and sometimes almost free with coupons and sales. There again, one of the only products available, but I can't afford to pay that much.
Next thing is not really an issue, perhaps more of a warning. Pay Dragon does offer free 2 day shipping, however, this isn't saying, free shipping. You will pay for shipping, taxes of course, but just know that when they say free 2 day shipping, it really only means that the 2 day part of the shipping is free. No, I am not accusing them of anything, they never claimed, free shipping, just free 2 day shipping. Again, this may still be useful for some people and very well could be a great deal.
Another thing I would like to add for Pay Dragon, is it would be very cool if when somebody orders more then 1 item, you would discount the shipping fees. I understand it is only a few cents, but for somebody who is really going to use this service and they are ordering more then 5 items at a time, maybe you could offer a discount?
Some pluses, I couldn't use these good parts myself, yet, but they do have a very nice referral system set up. You can get discounts for referring friends and you earn points for orders and Pay Dragon will offer discounts from 1.5% to 5%!
I will be keeping this app in my phone, and I will be hoping for some changes and I am not holding anything against them, After all, this is a service I would use all the time!! But I can't bring myself to pay these prices for most products, and I wish I could see what is available since most of what we use and need are not available.
Have you used this app?
What did you think?
You can find Pay Dragon on Facebook!!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Shipping is NOT 2 Day Shipping anymore.

    PayDragon recently started offering ground shipping only.

    There is no longer 2 day shipping.

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