Sunday, November 18, 2012

Double Bluff - Book 1 (The Dalerian Conspiracy) by Arno Joubert

I love action adventure and true crime books, any suspense, mystery, thrillers, all my favorites! The Dalerian Conspiracy, is all of the above!
 I am anxious to read the next few books in this series, and after checking out all of the other titles by Arno Joubert, I intend on reading many more of his books. You can find his titles and buy on Amazon, and you can check out his website for more information.
 I only have one complaint, and that would be that this specific book was to short, however, there are other books that go along with this one, so I can't say that just yet. Especially since I haven't read them and the price is right, $1.49 for this kindle edition.
 The writing itself is straight to the point, excellent use of adjectives, descriptions, he does not go overboard and the story starts almost immediately after the first few sentences. Which is another reason the length didn't upset me to much.
Arno doesn't waste time, and each page will take you further and further into the twisted and insane life of, Alexis Guerra, an assassin who was basically forced into hunting the people who are hunting her.
 A military espionage thriller is what the description of the book says, and that does about sum it up. there are explosions, suicides, double crossing and assassinations, which all make for a fascinating story. The characters are well thought out and the author introduces them all in a "nonchalant" way, this is another reason I had to give it a good rating.
Everybody fits perfectly in the story and you don't have to sift through pages and pages of boredom and forgetting what you are reading and who you are reading about. There is a computer programmer, Zachary Cohen, (and hacker) in the story, (I love that) Of course, hacking into Government computers and finding all kinds of secrets and then putting his own life on the line, as well as his wife and daughters. Bruce Bryden, a Mossad Operative, and Neil Allen, a disgraced ex Marine, also have interesting roles in this story of assassins and corrupt Government and of course, money. You can read more about, Arno Joubert on his website, as well as read some excerpts of his books!!

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