Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heroes, Mentors and Friends: Learning from our Spiritual Guides by John Dowd Jr.

I do consider myself a pretty spiritual person, and I try my best to teach my children to be the same. I do believe in miracles, and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I was happy to receive a book such as this one to read and post my review for, since I do agree with, John Dowd Jr on many levels.
As a book, this is well written and straight to the point. While reading this book, it reminds you of a phone call or a conversation with a good friend or big sister, mom, grandma, whoever it is in your life that you look up to, as say, a mentor, or a friend.  I do wish it would have been a little longer, but for a good weekend read with some coffee and cookies, (Yum!), this is the perfect length! So, I will just point out that I would like to see more books from this author, since this is his first book.
Heroes, Mentors and Friends, is about just that.
The author explains in great detail, what the differences are between these 3, I planned on writing about all of mine in each category but honestly, this would be several pages long. (Probably more then the book! Lol!)
I like the way he describes each of these words and their meanings, very easy to understand and if you are usually somebody who appreciates the people win your life who have inspired you and helped you through rough times, through good times, and have influenced you and the way you do whatever it is you do, it is nice to have this all reaffirmed.
A hero for instance, is one who will inspire you to go beyond what you think you can do. Possibly sports heroes, scientists, artists, or doctors.
A mentor is, through experience, help us stay grounded and on the right track. A hero who interacts with us.
Friends are, angels who encourage us and applaud our accomplishments, big or small.
I am sure you can already think of several people throughout your life that can fit in these categories.
One of my favorite parts of this book, was when the author touched on, forgiveness.
 This was recently something I believe I needed a lesson in, again, and this book kind of came right at the appropriate time. I do always try my best to find the reasons behind everything, and this was indeed why I read this book.
 Why don't we forgive easily? Why do we cause ourselves so much pain and added stress? is is merely because of ego? The author does an extraordinary job explaining forgiveness, and why it is needed. This is of course something I sometimes need a "shove" in the right direction with. I finished reading this book, feeling more relaxed and at ease with myself and others around me.
 Simple, genuine happiness, and warmth is what you will get from this book. It is inspiring, as though the author is your mentor himself! You will get to know him as a person throughout this book, and I promise you will learn something or at least have something reaffirmed.
I would personally recommend this book to everybody. Whether you read it on occasion, pick out bits and pieces to assure yourself, or loan to a friend, this is well worth buying!
 Heroes, Mentors and Friends, can be purchased at, Balboa Press.
 I would love to hear any comments on this book!
Have you read this book?
Who are your mentors? Heroes? Friends?
What did you gain from reading this?

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