Friday, November 2, 2012


I recently had the opportunity to review this website, Oranum. Oranum, is a website where you can find thousands of psychics, and get personal readings from whichever one you choose.
 I have always been fascinated by psychics, and have read many books, and have had many readings throughout the years. Usually I just get Tarot card readings, but I also have studied iridology, and auras, and have read many books about astral projection. So, this was definitely a project I was thrilled to do. I do want to mention that although my review is not to be on the psychics themselves, but more on the website itself, I want to make note of the fact that I received 2 different readings, from 2 different psychics, that I personally chose, and I am so impressed and satisfied with the results, that I will be keeping my account open and visiting them both again!
I started an account, which was simple, and quick. All you need is your screenname, password and email, and you are set! They will send you a confirmation, you simply confirm, as with any website, and you are ready to deposit funds into your account. It was a painless process, total time from starting a new account to adding funds, 5 minutes. They take major credit cards, and the amount of credits range from $19.99 to $99.99. This transaction is of course, secure, and a receipt is mailed immediately after you complete the transaction. After that, you are ready to choose your psychic!
What I found very cool about this site is that you can read each psychics profiles, and reviews and even have a free chat with them, before you order a private reading, (The psychic of your choice will have their hours of operation listed, and if they are on while you are there, they are on a live webcam!) You can search for psychics by type, and you can search for individual psychics, or you can check out the top rated psychics, and choose from there.
 There are many different types of categories, anything from palm reading, to email readings, (you don't have to talk live with them, you can message and for a reasonable price, $14.99, you can ask for an email reading), to chakra healing, tarot readings, angel cards, dream interpretation, help with love, money, health, the list is endless. It may take a while to rummage through all of the categories and psychics until you find 1 or 2 that stick out for you. The site makes this whole process very easy as well. Each psychic is rated by other users, and they are posted in squares on the website. You can read the first sentence of that persons profile and you can see the star rating they received and the price. They start at 99 cents per minute. If you want to read more, you click on the square and it will take you to their complete profile and all of their reviews, amount of people helped, and they also list any specials they offer, as well as a complete list of their specialties. If that particular psychic is on while you are, you will see a live webcam and you can ask questions, chat with other people in the room, and get to know your psychic before you order! (Please do not ask the psychic questions that have to do with your reading! This is what the private reading is for! Also, there are others in the room, not just you, so you shouldn't ask about personal issues when the whole world can see) I love this feature actually! I spoke with several, and found lots of very interesting people. You can use this to see if you clique with your choice, or not. You can also use this feature to see what they offer, and ask questions about price, specials, and they are also pretty well versed in how to use the website itself. Like I mentioned earlier, I did have 2 seperate readings, both of which I was happy with, and 2 different types of psychics, and 2 different types of readings. For the first I did receive a couple answers to questions and I had a card reading. For the second, I asked to give me details on past lives and how they are affecting my personal life today. Both psychics were very professional, and I gave them both 5 star ratings afterwards. (Please always rate them and you can even choose to share on Twitter and Facebook!)
When you do go into a private reading, they will be on a webcam and will talk, you do not have to have a webcam, unless you want too. Otherwise, you can type like I did. You can also choose to call, or again, choose the email reading. I did see some members asking in different chat rooms, if they could just both type, since some were not able to see or hear the psychic. From what I saw, they all said, sure. I would just personally not choose that, since I would rather get the most out of my time, and typing may be a bit slower then speaking.
I received credit for my first reading as part of this project, The 2nd credit was received by a special the website offers, where you choose a psychic with a clock located inside the square and if you spend at least $19.99 in the room with the psychic, they will credit you $19.99 into your account! This is an ongoing deal, and the psychics that offer this do change from time to time. They also have some neat specials throughout the week. This past week was Halloween of course, and they had some candies hidden throughout the website and if you found them, it credited $5 or $10 into your account! (No, I didn't find even 1 lol) I also had to request help from customer service once, because my credits from the special were not deposited into my account. But I was well taken care of within 12 hours and the credit was deposited! (they do ask for 24 hours, so just in case you ever have to contact them, it may take less or more time then my personal time)
 My only complaint about this website, is that I wish I could have something that tracked my time a little better while in a private reading. With both of my readings, there was only a box above the psychic, when my account hit a minute worth of credit. In both readings, I wish I would have known well before the minute. After my few days of visiting several psychics, and using as much of the site as I could, I am very pleased with
 You can also check them out on Facebook and Google+

** Please read my disclosure statement here! **


  1. I will not say that all are real, or all are fake. If you read the policy, it is clearly stated that this is just for entertainment. I have been a couple of times when I am depressing. As I get myself out of cos with the assistance of one of the "psychic". I start to spin my mind. Will that be possible that they work under same building? Will that be possible that they tracked my chat history so that to prepare the next psychic to answer what is in line with the previous? And I know, all the time, positive motivation is ALWAYS needed for success...and say what the customers like is a way to attract them from coming again and again... so are there some psychological games that played by those people to "help" you out and get what you want with the principle of the law of attraction. As an MBA holder, I know how BUSINESS WORK. They just cant afford to disagree among themselves. :)

  2. And if you find that one of them can lead you out of your messy situation, it is worth to pay. After all, I guess, this site is for the good of leading people out of depression, self-exploring, positive thinking etc. I have spend quite lots of money. Even it did help me, but I should stop because the only person that can help you, is yourself. And developing spiritual strength is a must for everyone of us to use it when needed. God bless.

  3. Hi folks. just like to mention a few things about oranum. some of the readers are good but most are encouraged to only do stuff in pvt chat. This is, according to them, to do with privacy issues. This is not true. The admins watch and listen to the pvt chats that are conducted. they do this because they monitor performance but in this day and age computers can monitor randomly. It is also somewhat worrying that privacy laws are being violated and admins can take note of the information and sell or provide it to newspapers and internet sites like TMZ. Quite a few clients are famous people giving very private information. If you want your business to be kept private do not have readings on there. Competing sites do not record or copy or listen to information. It is best to go to the independent sites owned by the readers themselves who do not need to sell or copy personal information. I hope you all find the answers you seek and the personal growth you deserve.

    I have also noted with oranum that the top readers are 'salespeople' rather than psychics. Selling their system rather than helping you develop your own. Bad reviews are deleted and they happen more often than they will admit. There are payment cancellations by clients regularly for most readers. Including the top ones. This would not happen if readings were accurate and or honest.

    A lot of the more ethical and good psychics are further down the pages who don't sell themselves. Or even push people for readings. Indeed many have left because of the sales practices being 'sell sell sell'

    If you would like some sites and or some good readers send me a message.

  4. sadly I am ashamed to say that I have had readings with all of these psychics.
    these are the ones that predictions did not come true/ or are fake
    prophetessQ4- no
    psychicjohn- total bs(expensive)
    aliciarose-predictions didn't come true,
    tara13- false
    larae66- predictions not true, false
    ambika devi- false
    xena - false
    missmarciela- false
    spiritworlds- false
    ocultlive- false
    jeter- false
    lovesoulmate- false
    delaney- false
    devorah- false about job
    mama chippy- false
    grace of lightlina-( alopes-) false
    vaness07- big false
    spiritual cindy- lied big time
    cassie psycic- false
    master enigma- still waiting, but predictions have not came true
    lovedrnikkipsycic- prediction did not come true
    intaspycic- the worst( said there was a curse around me)
    princess rachael- false prediction did not happen
    problemsgoodbye- false
    sonic nova- no
    aaapredict- no
    intiutivemara- lied
    psychicjohnsuttong- predictions did not come true
    whitelotus13- predictions did not come true
    spiritwonders- intiutitive ,but no predictions did not happen.
    justicefox- no
    john heyoka- false
    lovepsycic9- not really
    loretta devinci- not presice/yes or no/ not clear enough
    chrisriley- false
    angelchild- false
    visionsbyval- predictions did not happen
    spiritwords- false
    loveanswersbyliz- fake
    vedicguru- fake, will try to sell stuff or tell you are curse
    apollascallas- (expensive )predictions did not happen
    spiritualhobo- predictions did not happen
    lady love seeker- good reader, but very general
    zuggie- false
    adriannelyn- false
    kinglionread- big liar
    dreamsworld- false
    serenahealing89- prediction did not happen
    skinnymouse- a fake
    ashyn angel- predictions did not come true
    sabrinna sees williams - fake
    brian scott- fake
    psycic of perth amboy- total fake
    taylorblack- liar
    cyx sense- liar
    bluemoon liz- prediction didn't come true
    spiritual ginger- said no, predrictions never came true
    bernard1- nothing yet
    wisetaurean- nothing yet
    psycic briel- no
    espmike- the worst, total bs
    indigoraven- fake
    seeingforward- not sure
    psycicimpy- another bad one, predictions didn't come true
    mystical nenette- false
    mel1261- false
    thaleia thaleia- false
    annot- predictions did not come true
    enneties gail- no
    mamaroberts- fake
    loveadvisor4- no
    issimedium- she did a great spread- can't confirm predictions though
    archanna- liar
    cris w- fake

    (relationship question) iffy
    genteleman jim- false about job
    lidia spirit medium
    spiritualwords- toldme yes and no, didn't really understand
    lovebeyond tomorrow- told me we wernt getting back
    pandora- said no
    its time for love- she said no
    weez333- no/ didn't get her

    still waiting/somewhat true

    leelhel- waiting
    seer(mawe)- she's good but hardly ever on line
    intiutive natalie, still waiting
    insight2light- still waiting
    psychickathy- somethings did come true 50/100
    uk psycic malcom- still waiting
    tantrapsycic- still waiting( expensive)
    thepsycicone, will know soon
    ligira- still waiting
    jennifer aq psy - still waiting
    stardelmar- she was ok
    luckyclover10- HONEST
    casting stars- still waiting
    psychicprithy- some did come true/ most didn't 30/100
    arjun- going to wait

    There was one earlier last year, she was amazing, but i could never find her again, only one that was honest and it happend like she said. i regret not saving her name.

    Alot of the people are fake, just want money.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Can I ask you about Mimi? how did it all go with her? was she accurate on very short term predictions or did it apply to things that happened a bit later? I agree she is special

    2. Taylorblack is just rubbish. he said some ridiculous stuff

      psychic jeter is very good
      eaglestar is super
      jon moss is good
      anthony - 50/50
      tasha2.. - she's good

    3. Does anyone have any other experience with Mimi? I decided to try her and am anxious to see if her predictions come true.

      Every other person I tried did not come true or also wasted my time with spiritual stuff :/
      Heera is one I had the worst experience with. When I went back to say her predictions didn't come true, she got mad at me and said she'd report me for "harassing" her!

    4. mimi is wonderful. she has never been wrong for me. she doesnt waste time or money too. she tells you to click out of private after a couple minutes so you can get more readings later and stretch out your credits and money so they last.

    5. mimi is wonderful. she has never been wrong for me. she doesnt waste time or money too. she tells you to click out of private after a couple minutes so you can get more readings later and stretch out your credits and money so they last.

    6. Please ask psychicmimi if all predictions happen and what makes a prediction not come true. I am heera123. Wonderduck went from psychic to psychic and was making me feel her negative and judgmental vibes. Predictions are based on what you will do and if you change your course based on what a different psychic says then how will my prediction come true? If a psychic and another psychic are making 2 different predictions then you can take actions to make either prediction come true.

      I don't mean to be rude. Please know that I am helping you see is your choice for the future. You have future in your hands. Future is still unwritten for many. What you do today makes a future tomorrow.
      Blessings to you,
      Working on Oranum since 2012.

    7. Psychic Mimi is a fake. I had multiple readings with her and nothing ever came to fruition. I was in desperate need to hear the things (lies) she told me and I believed in her. It was my mistake to trust in her and I chose to waste my money but I hope no one else makes that mistake. I tried Psychic Mimi because of what I read here. It is not true. I honestly think she writes these positive reviews about herself. Please do not make the mistake I made in having readings with her. She blocked me after I confronted her about her playing on my emotions and lying. Don't make my mistake.

    8. If you get this please let me know what was the nature of your readings as in topics what did she lie about?

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  6. please try the following psychics psychic kay tasha and psychic john all of those are so real timeframes and events that really happen

    1. If they say all predictions are set in stone then they'd be lying.

      God bless you.

      Working along the angels

  7. My Oranum experience wasn't good. I felt that they were dragging out the reading so they could charge me more. I also felt that they were all amateurs. I have found a really good psychic that I go to now. He is at He answers all my questions and I like the way he works. You should go to him too. Hope this helps - from Christine Dubois

  8. I am heera123. This is not fair that you go from psychic to psychic to get a predictions. I felt that Wonderduck came off as too strong and her energies were negative. I apologize that not all predictions are set in stone. My work is to help you see what you can do from your side to get what you want. You don't always get who you want or it takes longer that the time you thought. It takes patience to make somethings happen. I love to make predictions when the situation or event is set in stone.
    Honestly, your doubting a psychic does not help. Pick the psychic whose energies you like or click with.
    I am always there for my clients and if something does not happen right away or due to other person's free will, I am there for all the moral support. I am there through my clients worse times.
    I hope you stay cool and good.

  9. Psychic Mimi is a fake. I had multiple readings with her and nothing ever came to fruition. I was in desperate need to hear the things (lies) she told me and I believed in her. It was my mistake to trust in her and I chose to waste my money but I hope no one else makes that mistake. I tried Psychic Mimi because of what I read here. It is not true. I honestly think she writes these positive reviews about herself. Please do not make the mistake I made in having readings with her. She blocked me after I confronted her about her playing on my emotions and lying. Don't make my mistake.

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