Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Minty Fresh House Cleaning and Giveaway!!!

I love house cleaning, this is no lie, I swear! I would love to have the time to do housework, lol, but when I do have time, I enjoy cleaning, dusting, scrubbing, all of it. I especially love the smell of a clean house, the fresh scent of spring air, open windows, and house cleaning products that don't have chemical smells, and overpowering scents that smell like a hospital. Especially with children and pets in the house!
I usually shoot for all natural cleaning products, and I do use the antibacterial cleaning wipes in the kitchen and bathroom. But other then that, I would rather just use basic cleaners with pure scents. My favorite scents are fruity scents, like lemon, minty scents and clean scents. They seem to be longer lasting and with kids and pets, this is needed, big time!
I was very curious in this quick and simple cleaning agent, that I personally never thought of myself. This is a product that is always around and always available, and very reasonable in price, and I never even attempted to use them...
Denture tablets!!
 Effervescent Denture Cleanser Tablets are found at any grocery store, drug store, and discount stores. These are super cheap, usually just a few cents for each tablet, so when you compare them to the cost of other household cleaners, with or without coupons, you can certainly save quite a bit by replacing some cleansers with these tablets!
There are tons of uses, anything from bath toys, (this is 1 of my favorites!), make up brushes, (another favorite!), coffee pots, porcelain sinks, glass stove tops, enamel, hair brushes, pencil holders, toys, the list is virtually endless.
Caution: If you Google search the many uses of Effervescent Denture Cleanser Tablets, you will probably come across many people who swear they clean jewelry, however, this is something you may not want to try. The tablets could actually weaken metal and dull gemstones, so it is probably best to stay safe and continue using jewelry cleaners instead.
These are also very simple to use. I used a cup, filled it with hot water, and grabbed a sponge and dripped the fizzy, minty cleaner directly on our flat, glass stove top.
When we bought our house, this was the stove that was here, and I never had a flat top stove so I was excited to be able to cook and not ever have anything boiling over and landing in the bottom of the burners anymore. I wasn't thinking about the burning on top, and when I looked closer at the stove top, realized it was so caked on already, I never thought we would get it clean. Not to mention, all of the extra burnt food and liquid I would end up getting all over the burners as well.
I tested these tablets out on this burner first...
With 5 minutes of soaking and then a small amount of scrubbing...
Most of what was on the actual burner, was easily removed. Some of what was built up along the sides was also easily removed. Layer by layer, it has been coming off, and there are even sections where there isn't anything left. (After wiping with a clean dry cloth)
I like the fact that this didn't take a lot of scrubbing to see a difference! This is also from at least 8 years that we have been here, who knows how long this has been built up before we arrived!
There are no oily residues, no stickiness, and a fresh, minty scent that will have you rummaging through your little ones bins and bath toys, just so you can soak it all in hot or warm water and these amazing, simple, fizzy little miracle tablets!
Here are a few suggestions for your house cleaning with denture tablets:
Coffeemakers – fill the reservoir with water, add a few tabs, soak for a while or overnight and rinse well. Don't run through heated cycle. Rinse well and run a clear water cycle.
Cruets / Decanters   – break tabs into small pieces to fit inside hard-to-clean small-necked glass or ceramics. Let soak for a couple hours or overnight. Shake occasionally and rinse well.
Kids Bath toys – 3-10 tabs in a pail of hot water with toys. Soak for 30-60 mins and rinse well!
Enamel / Glass / Stainless cookware – soak in water with 3-10 tablets to remove burnt-on spots and crusty stuff. Scrub lightly if necessary.
Porcelain sinks – Add 4-10 tablets to standing hot water in sink and soak 30-60 mins (or overnight) to remove tough stains. Scub lightly if necessary. Leaves sparkling.
Little stuff – ideal for make-up brushes (swish & soak just the bristles) mani-pedi tools, toothbrush holders hair clips, hair brushes & combs, pen/pencil holders, cosmetic trays etc.

Do you want to win a pack of Effervescent Denture Cleanser Tablets to try out for yourself??
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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