Friday, October 19, 2012

Great Deals are NOT Always Great Deals

I learned a few lessons lately, since the end of summer, or mid summer I don't even know anymore. All I know is that, "You get what you pay for!!"
Please try and keep this in mind, when it comes to anything! Whether it's grocery shopping, cars, clothes, repairs, a house, and most of all, web design and transferring!!
I thought I could save some money and grab an unknown website designer, builder, and have him transfer me to Wordpress, and since it cost next to nothing, I thought I found a great deal. Well, he or she, I would have no idea since I only messaged them through a site where you can hire people to do all kinds of things for practically nothing. They seemed trustworthy enough and I was so anxious to get everything taken care of and where I wanted to be.I recently also went through a real professional, who will be transferring my other blog to Wordpress, and she is very reputable and trustworthy so I really have no stress over that move! (Just in case you read my other blog, there isn't much there right now because it is going to be completely redone and new tabs and content will be added to make it a much cooler blog:)
I have no idea where to start except for I have finally found all of the missing reviews, posts, links, articles, pictures, everything that has been lost is at least known now! The part that is driving me crazy is the reposting everything, there was at least half of everything, gone, and this person, at least I believe it was this person, also got into my email.
I am not real creative when it comes to passwords, lol, so yes, I have the same password for everything. That's why I am assuming that this person was in my email, deleting contacts, after I went crazy and flipped out about losing and deleting my blog!! I did find some contacts again, because I luckily had some in a different email and some from Linkedin.
But, besides all of that, I have had 2 weeks where I could not log in and was blocked from this blog, and a few days of this specific blog being "parked" by Godaddy. (That was a another mess and that is all taken care of now;)
So, to make a long story short, please remember that a great deal may not always be a great deal!! Also, if it seems to good to be true, it most likely is! AND never use the same passwords for everything! AND always remember to change your password after somebody comes in and destroys everything you have worked so hard for for almost 2 years!!
I apparently don't have a lot of common sense, because after all of that, and knowing this person had my password for all of my Blogger blogs, I didn't think to change it. After I thought I could get back to normal and start refilling everything in, my own password was changed on me and I had to somehow manage to persuade Godaddy and Google that I was me. and that process takes a bit, unfortunately. But, thank God! I am logged in and can stay without being kicked out, lol, and it is mine again! Yay!!
All of my passwords are different now, this is a new password, and when I save enough, this blog will be transferred just like my other, and by an actual professional:)

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  1. I forgot to add, just in case you don't already do this, always keep contacts, and reviews, books, whatever they are, giveaways, friends, passwords for communities, etc etc, in a nice little notebook. That way, you will always have a copy of everything you have done.
    I do this for tax purposes, for my own record, and just in case I do something wrong, like what I did above lol!
    I didn't have every email written, just names, but I know now to fill in emails on paper as well.
    Another reason to love paper and pen. It isn't as hard to delete that with just one click of a button:)