Sunday, October 28, 2012

Save Money on Prescription Medicine

This is definitely something my family needs, and uses. I have so many of these prescription discount cards, and even with or without insurance, I can find savings that are sometimes even more valuable then what my insurance pays.
There are 6 of us in our family, 3 of which take regular monthly prescriptions. I personally have several per month, because of RSD, and my husband has heart medicine, and our 9 year old takes Prevacid.
I normally shop at CVS, and that's typically my pharmacy of choice. So for 1 month, we used this new discount card at CVS, and saved a bit more then with the 3 cards CVS has on file for us already.
I get 4 prescriptions filled each month for myself, they run from $55 to $318, full price. I usually pay between $27 and $98 for my medicines, and it is still to much for me, even with the discounts I already received from other cards.
My most expensive medicine, Gabapentin, is $98 per month at CVS with this my best discount card. I used this new card this month, and my total was $64!
I also get 3 medicines for chronic pain, moderate to severe, and also for RLS.
My Tramadols are usually around $50, this new card dropped this down to $40. Not a ton of savings, but still savings! I was more then pleased with that, $10 is $10!
The other medicines were each about $15 MORE in savings then the other cards I have been using, so an average of $74 a month will be saved with this card on just my medicine alone.
My husband takes, Acebutolol, and this costs us around $25 per month with our cards, and this month, this dropped to $11!! So, that is an average savings of $88 a month!! Yay!!
Of course there may be some differences in prices and discounts at other pharmacies, and different medicines, you could always call around, and shop around and see where the best deals are! While you may not be able to use this to reduce co pays, there may be times when this is cheaper then what your insurance pays, and even if it is $5, it is still $5, which is $60 per year. (I have a habit of figuring this out on a yearly total when trying to figure out savings)
The best part of this discount card, is, it's FREE!! You can download your card here, The Medication Discount Card LLC.
I would love to hear what you saved!! Please let me know where you used it and if it saved you more then other discount cards!! I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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