Monday, October 22, 2012

What Should I Wear?

If you ever ask yourself this question, "What should I wear?", then you may want to check out this app!
Fashion Closet Accessorizer, is a very simple and easy to use app that really only cost $1.99, which is very reasonable, especially when you think about all of the time it saves you.
So far, I have no issues with this app, no bugs to report, it has been running very smooth and hasn't had any kinks yet!
The coolest thing about this app is that you can take pictures while you're out shopping, and it will help you choose what looks best with what! It isn't something that will be forgotten either, since it is in your cell phone, so you are sure to have your new bff with you, anytime you are shopping for clothes, shoes, purses, or accessories!
Its the perfect Closet Organizer, Style Manager, Fashion Assistant & Shopping Companion.
 You can create the perfect outfit, using 6 different items, clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry, all at once.
You can mix and match your outfits, for work, home, lazy shopping days, nights out, whatever you want, and this app lets you share your new outfits on Facebook, so your friends can comment and let you know how good the choices are.
I do love anything that makes my life easier, and while I have only taken this out on a "test drive" at the store while pretend shopping for clothes, it worked very well, and I will be using this again! I really like how you can instantly take pictures of everything you have at home and all the clothing and shoes and whatever else you are shopping for, and create your outfits right from your phone!
You can buy this app here!
You can also check out the developer's website here!


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