Monday, September 5, 2011

Possible Free John Freida Haircolor Coupon!

Click here to take the survey!
There are a few questions you have to answer, and depending on your answers, you will either receive a coupon, or a voucher for free hair color from John Freida!
There are people reporting giving different answers, and getting the voucher, so I'm going to give you the answers I gave...
1) all over color at home and salon
2) never used John Freida
3)Revlon Colorsilk
It took me right to a page after these 3 questions, with a form to fill out for my free hair color voucher!
As soon as I receive this, i will post pictures and a review of their hair color (I actually never did use their hair color, but I have used John Freida products before!)
It says to expect the voucher in 8 weeks, so that's when I'll be coloring with John Freida hair color!
If you still want the $1 off coupon, you can find the new link at the bottom of this page!

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