Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Google is NOT Liking me Today!

Well, since this is my review blog, I will complain about Blogger and Google here, lol.  This is a constant struggle between Google and my blogs. Thanks to, I got some huge help with my menu bar this morning. Even though I cannot attempt the complete menu bar makeover until Google decides to lighten up a bit!
Now whenever I try to comment on my own comments, or comment on other blogs, it tells me I must log out and back in. Over and over and over again! I think I am going to take a break from trying to fill in my blogs today, I can't participate in bloghops today, nor can I participate in my activities, again, today.
It seems that every time I have any time to spend on my huge "Internet To Do list", Google is acting up and messing with me. Is it personal? lol, Please let up, Google!
The weather here is very bad, we are flooded and there is nothing but rain and rain and more rain, over the next 5 days! The schools are letting out early, and already delaying tomorrow, and I can't really get my errands done today. I was looking forward to being able to cross a big chunk of this list off this evening!
I have read so many good posts today, and wrote so many comments. My Google name appeared as I was writing them, and when I finish and try to submit, it pops up with a page that says I must log out of my account and log back in! So, that's what I do, then it happens again.
I guess I'll work on a few reviews, my Youtube channel, and some housework today.
If any of you know any secrets about Google, please comment below!
Wish me luck in the flooding, I don't believe floods are covered under our homeowners insurance, of course. All I know is that our garage is flooded due to the township not taking care of their end of the issue out there, and our sump pump is on it's last days. Our house sits at the bottom of the hill, so all the water comes straight down to our house, and hmmmmmmm I have not heard the sump pump running for a good hour. My husband just informed me that I must get downstairs and make sure the motor is above water! Help me please, lol! I'm not a fan of the creepy sump pump room, or the giant drop to get to the bottom of that room, so I better find a super duper flashlight, and I better see that motor!


  1. Just in case you are wondering about my menu bar, I had to delete all apostrophes, lol. Ro Little, (, informed me that Google does not like apostrophes somedays. Oh my, Google, is it that time of the month? ;p

  2. YAY!!! I believe I just got out of the dilemma! I noticed that the little box, "keep me signed in". was checked. I recall this making another one of my free internet days, (which are very, very rare!!), a mess! WOOHOO!!!!! Haha Google! I WIN!! At least this time....