Friday, September 2, 2011

Affiliates, Youtube, Giveaways, and all I need to learn!

I am now starting my next venture in the blogging world. It is time consuming for somebody like me, since I am still only about 6 months into this, and I have never had to learn these things before.
This is not nearly as crazy as my episodes with Google the last couple weeks! Thank goodness that is all resolved!
I am getting emails with "approved accounts", and I am stuck the second I log in! So, this weekend it is my goal to figure these out, set them up accordingly, and start on my next project. (email newsletters)
I already have email newsletters now, but through my Blogfrog account, I noticed that I am actually able to send these newsletters out for free! Not to mention, it is much less time consuming since I do not have to click through all of my contacts.
I also noticed there are a few companies that are offering free trials for their email newsletter programs. I will be shopping around for a few weeks first, so if anybody has any suggestions, please comment and let me know!
I hope that by next spring, I have a decent network built, and have learned the basics, and a little more, and I will be working on my 3rd blog at that time! This is a major goal for me, and I am nothing but determined to have this all figured out and squared away.
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I do have giveaways going all the time, and offer daily updates on freebies and deals.
Thank you in advance for any advice on blogging, learning this stuff, and finding a reputable email newsletter host!
Next month, or hopefully this month, I will be working on a Youtube channel, where we will do product reviews!
By the end of this year, i hope to have my whole "Couponing 101" course, complete, and possibly offer a very cheap ebook as well. Other then affiliates, ebooks, Youtube, video reviews, my main task will always be NETWORKING!!!
Which, by the way, I am looking for sponsors for my "1500 Facebook Fan Giveaway".
I am close to 1000 right now, and would like to partner up with some companies, SAHM businesses, any small business, who like to donate an item for this event, and your business, blog, pages, products, will aslo be posted all over my networks!

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