Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Blog Design By Ro Little

This super cute blog design you now see on my site, was done by Ro Little!
She is a very talented and very amazing blogger, blog designer, and person.
I have hbeen having several issues with Google in the past weeks, anything from missing posts, to being locked out of my account, to domain name dramas. But as I've posted in the past few days, I believe this is all behind me.
I was most upset about not being able to log into my blogger accounts, not only because I couldn't post, but because i couldn't sit here and smile at my new blog style!
I was fortunate to have signed up for, newsletters, and received a notice of an upcoming blog redesign giveaway, done by Ro Little.
I have never won anything in my life, lol, always everybody's luck. But I was determined and dreaming that I would win this design.
I entered on Ro's blog, and as always, was very pleased with her class, and talent. I would love to be able to be so artsy and technologically inclined, that i could create something like this. I am not that lucky though. lol.
The days leading to the announcement, I was anxious, checking my inbox, double checking blogs, facebook,, it was driving me crazy!
It would have been such a miracle that I would win this design, and I loved the cute little lady character that came with it.
I have been spending a lot on my "business", and I couldn't figure out a date that I would be able to afford such a cool design. So, I waited and prayed some more.
I already started thinking about the little badge/button that I always wanted for my blogs, and I was brainstorming ideas for my next blog redesign. Then all of a sudden, one morning I was on my Facebook page,, and I noticed a post by Ro on my wall!
WOO HOO!!! I WON!! I was so ecstatic, and grabbed my cell to text my mom, my daughter, and my husband, lol. Yes, I believe my husband was probably going the most crazy during this event. He drives truck so he is not home very often, and I texted and texted and talked and talked about this real awesome design, this contest, how I have to have this for this blog, and so on. I'm sure he was very releived when he received my text, "I WON THAT AWESOME BLOG REDSIGN!!!"
Ro was the sweetest, most dear, kindest, girl I've met through networking yet! She is so full of energy, and more then happy to work with you on your redesign.
Not to mention, I've been saving every last blogger help email I've been receiving from her, with the most helpful information for all of our blogs! I plan on having a day to catch up after being locked out, and this is top of my list.
It was much more simple then i thought the whole process would be, very easy, quick, and I just can't get enough of typing, in the address bar, just so I can see my blog!
I have another blog that i am very excited about getting all filled in and fixed up, and I am will be ordering the redesign, through Ro little. She has already started some very cool designs, and layouts, and it will be hard to choose one.
If you aren't a member of her site, please check out her work!
She has very reasonable prices, specials, and is so much fun to work with!
Thank you so much Ro!
You are truly a tremendously talented girl!
You have made me feel much better about my blog, and i will never be able to thank you enough!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this Brandy! You're so sweet!!! You were so fun to work with ... and I look forward to working on your next blog too!
    TONS of love!!
    Ro :)