Monday, September 19, 2011

Loreal Youth Code

I recently received a sample of this in the mail through a sample sign up at, and I had the chance to use it this past weekend!
I often receive skin care samples in the mail, and I keep them in the bathroom, and I try a new one each week. Especially if there is enough for more then application!
We were on a camping trip with the kiddos, and I love to take samples with me to use, rather then drag all of my full size products. (I use Mary Kay Classic Skincare line, and I have a few Philosophy products that I cannot live without!!)
So, I used my little packet of Loreal Youth Code day/night cream, and I have been shocked ever since! I have to say I am currently in love with this product, and I plan on making a purchase, as soon as I check the drugstore deals for the week.
I have tried and used so many products over the years, and I can't remember ever, ever having the same results that the company or model or even some magazines, will tell you they had. I never believe these testimonials, or claims and I have long since stopped buying products, solely because of what a super model, or a magazine editor said. I don't believe them, and I think they were either paid, or they were looking in a fun house mirror!
But, you have got to believe me when I say that this Youth Code cream, DID in fact, provide instant results!! I know, this is silly, but I can't stress enough how amazing and addicting this day/night cream is! I was pleased with the simple opening of the sample packet, and the light texture of the cream. There was a good amount that I was able to have enough for almost the entire weekend. (Both day and night) I applied it just like normal, and right in front of the mirror, before my eyes, i could see it was actually working! My face was instantly smoother looking, flushed cheeks, looked more polished, and much more even toned, and the scent was luxurious! I was so ecstatic, I ran out of the bathroom to grab my cell and text my mom and yelled for my husband! Yes, we stay in a cabin with the kids when we go camping, although we love real camping, it's not always appropriate with our smaller kids.
I texted my mom about my new "love affair", and she answered, "What? What is it?" , and of course, my husband laughed at me, but then proceeded to grab the sample and use it for his eyes. He has dark circles under his eyes, due to not getting much sleep, due to medical and job issues. LOL! I was upset thinking he would use it all before I had a chance to use it again! So, i tried to grab it, (this stuff is like gold to me), and luckily there was still some left, thank God!
This product actually made it a terribly hard decision on whether I wanted to wear make up or not. i am already not a big make up person. I have a certain way I wear it, and I am very committed to certain products, but I was so in love with my skin this weekend, I didn't want to ruin it with makeup. But I do have to say, foundation, and concealer goes on so much easier, and smoother, over this Youth Code cream!
This product is such a delight! I am very anxious to see what a week of this cream will do! My husband kept saying all weekend, "Wow! You look 17!" LOL! I am 37, so I knew he was exaggerating, and I don't believe I actually want to look 17 again. Maybe 27 though....

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