Monday, September 19, 2011

Keurig Brewers at One Cup Connection

I was recently informed of how wonderful these coffeemakers were, and I have been reading up on them, researching them, reading reviews, asking friends and family members, and I am hoping to get some of my online friends comments and suggestions on these products!
I have had the same coffeemaker for years, I love it, but it's time for a new one. Although, keeping a small coffeepot around, might still work, since coffee runs through my veins! I hope it really doesn't but I would not be shocked if that would be on my medical file!
I found this real neat site,, where they sell these Keurig brewers, and offer an excellent variety of products.

My husband was like "Oh yeah! I definately would love to have one of those! Those are awesome!" he is a coffee drinker to, thanks to me I think, but he also likes to have 1 cup at a time throughout the day. Not a pot at a time, like me.
We usually have coffee every morning, and coffee after dinner each night. he normally has to be in bed fairly early during the week, due to his work schedule, so, the 1 cup part really is a big plus for us!
The other very big plus that I have found, is the amount of different coffees available for these Keurig Brewers! There are so many to choose from and the varieties seem endless! This is also going to be a major factor in my. "Hmmmm, should miss can't bear to spend the extra money on something that I do not need at the moment, splurge on such an amazing coffee brewer?"
When I say "splurge", you have to remember that I am the type who just will not pay full price for anything, no matter what it is. That is where amazon comes in handy for me, because, I can get good deals on DVD's and CD's, and books. For some reason, these things aren't real "cheap" where I live.
I have been checking the site,, for specials and deals, and i am very impressed with what they offer! They are having a sale right now, on the brewers themselves and if it weren't for the recent floods in my area, that caused my husbands work week to be cut terribly short the other week, I would be anxiously awaiting one of these to come via UPS!!
Luckily, my house and town were not literally "flooded", some people did have damage, but for the most part, we are fine! It is every town around us that was affected quite severely, and this caused every single road, in and out of our small town, to be shut down for days. So, unfortunately, we are a little short this month, but I did pick up some extra days at work, and I am wondering, should I try to grab one of these brewers while the sale is on?
The "frugal" "reasonable" me, says, "Wait and make sure you can afford to cover the missing income, and a few of the new expenses", and the "coffee lover" and "shopping addict" in me is saying, "Go ahead! You can grab one! Look at the sale prices! Imagine what it will be like to have 5 different cups of coffee at a time! Look at the variety! Check out the awesome deals, offers on the K-Cups! Buy 4 cases get 1 free! Now, that's a super offer! You have been checking this site for weeks, and they have always had specials on K-Cups! Not to mention, you can get hot tea and hot chocolate K-Cups for the brewer! Another plus for the kids......"
The site offers quite a good mix of products. From snacks, to sugar, to stirrers, to creamers, and paper products. Even boxes of wrapped straws! There is so much I would buy from them on a regular basis, and these things are very reasonably priced! They seem to always have something on sale. This week, they are offering free shipping, and 2 free cases of K-Cups, with the purchase of a Keurig B145 brewer, for $129.99. 42 K-Cups, the Keurig B145 brewer, and free shipping, for $129.99. That is actually, to me, a real great deal.
Another plus that I have found, is the cases of K-Cups that they sell, cases of 24, not 18, like you see in stores. (Please note that the special I wrote about above, has a total of 42 K-Cups, not 48. This is noted on the home page, and it states that the Keurig B145, comes with a case of 18 K-Cups, and this is why it totals 42)

I have to also stress that the website is very easy to navigate, and they offer a large assortment of snacks, and paper products, and K-Cups! They offer cases of name brand ( Quaker, Nestle, Healthy Choice, Nature Valley, Del Monte, Herrs, Utz, Bachman, just to name a few!), products! I have seen sales on these over the past couple weeks as well. My favorite deal here is the case of ACT11 Butter Lovers popcorn, 28 full size bags, for $9.94! That makes each bag under 36 cents each!
This website also offers free shipping on orders $60 or more! This is another big plus for me! i can order once per month, K-Cups, popcorn, those real cool wrapped up straws that my kids would love, lol, and a few other products, and take advantage of the free shipping!
You have got to head over there though and look at the variety of brands and flavors that make these cute little K-Cups for the Keurig Brewers! Wolfgang Puck, Donut House, Newmans, Celestial Seasonings, Caribou!  I have to say, I have never tried a lot of the flavors and brands, but this is another reason I am having a hard time putting this purchase off any longer! Flavors like,  Kahlua,  Irish Creme, Caramel Vanilla Nut, there are variety packs, almost every cup imaginable! I am more of a regular, darker roast person, but once in a while, I do like to try something new. I think I would have to buy the variety pack K-Cups for me, and I think my husband will probably stick with just regular, darker roast too. But who knows? with this much variety, and that many deals, it won't cost much to try a new flavor each month.
They also have a blog, where they offer recipes with the K-Cups!
You can find their blog here!
It seems as though the Keurig Brewer has won my attention, and much respect!
I will be ordering one as soon as finances calm down here at the Oliver household, and i will definately post pictures and my complete reviews!!
Please leave any comments you may have on these Keurig Brewers! I would love to know what you think of this company? Do you own a Keurig Brewer? Do you have any recipes you used your Keurig Brewer for? If you don't own one, are you considering a purchase? What are your favorite flavors?
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