Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Messed Up My Neat Page Tabs!

If you are here visiting today, I apologize in advance for the page tabs on my page!
I finally had a few minutes to start filling in my blog, and I have a notebook filled with reviews to type in under each of these tabs, and I attempted to add a page for mu husband.
Well, I have no clue what I did, but I emailed a professional to help me!
With, Ro Littles' site, and reputation, this will be fixed soon. I noticed she is very busy over there, which is good, especially since her designs are fabulous!
I left her a couple messages because I just noticed she has an "Ala Carte" section! This is going to come in handy for me because I always wanted some real cute buttons for Facebook and Twitter, and RSS!!
I wish I had the money right now, cause i also need a design for another blog that I recently started!!
After trying to figure it all in, lol, I may need to win the lotto!

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