Saturday, December 6, 2014

Trees Rock!

** I received a sample and coupons from Scotties and Smiley360 in return for my honest review. Receiving free samples does not affect my thoughts, feelings or review of this product. **

I am always looking for brands and businesses who give back in some way, especially in the form of saving our future! (We have children and grandchildren to grow up here yet so this is kind of important!)
I have to say, I wasn't aware of the, Trees Rock campaign that Scotties Facial Tissues has been doing but thanks to, Smiley360, I was given the opportunity to try Scotties tissues and we are grateful we were given the chance to learn about them.
 I never really thought about the brand of tissues we use, if they give back, if they plant trees, if they help our schools, I mean, they are tissues and sadly, I just never thought to question this. ( I know, it is sad,right?) I try to stick with as many organic and green products and brands as we possibly can and I don't know why, tissues just weren't ever on my radar!
Here is what I found out: Scotties actually plants 3 trees for every 1 that they use! How is that for starters? They are also environmentally considerate and are dedicated to responsible forestry. So, because of all of this, they decided to create, Trees Rock! (Yes, I know right? Just when you were thinking, "What?? A tissue brand does all of this?" Well, yes, they do and it gets even better yet!
So, Scotties hosts a contest called, Trees Rock and they have some really sweet prizes!
All you have to do is have your child (or children) create a video or write an essay about, why trees rock. That shouldn't be to hard. There are tons of reasons why trees rock! (I live in Pennsylvania, so, I'm kind of used to being surrounded by lots of trees!)
I know you can ask your kids this one simple question.... "Why do trees rock?" and like all kids, their little brains start moving and they come up with some extraordinary stuff! The same with videos! Our little ones have wild and crazy imaginations! (This is a good thing!) But, maybe even pitch the idea to your children's teacher, maybe grab a group of friends, I'm sure your little ones can come up with something spectacular! (As of this post date, the video entries are no longer being accepted. However, they are still accepting essays!)
Now let's get to the prizes! There are many, many, many prizes and Scotties splits this into 2 categories. One for video entries and one for essay entries. Then, they narrow it down by grade! There are seriously prizes per grade!
For the grand prize video entry, Scotties will award your school with $10,000 AND a Trees Rock Entertainment and Planting Event!
One winning school from each grade category will be awarded cash for their school!
 There are also the essay winners! These winners will be awarded with a $250 gift card for themselves, along with a $250 gift card for their teacher. (Think of all of the school supplies and Scotties cubes that their teachers can buy with that!)
After all of this, I started to feel really bad about the fact that I never really bothered to look into brands that sell things we all need and use. I definitely learned not to take anybody for granted anymore, no matter how "simple" they may seem, it really isn't very simple at all. This brand truly pulls more than their fair share!
That's right! I guess I should add our review of Scotties tissue cubes!
Well, Genevive thinks they are the greatest because they have these 2 tiny kitty cats on the package! Kitty cats are always adorable!
I like the cubes because they fit in places where I need them to fit. They are the perfect size and they have a lot of shades of blue and designs in blue. (blue happens to be my favorite color!)
We like that the tissues are as soft as the kitty cats on the package and I like that there are 70 sheets in a cube! The price is very reasonable, under $2 a cube at my local stores.
Actually, Scotties has more tissues per box versus the leading national brand. Not only are you getting more for your money, you are helping to make sure there are more trees planted! I don't know what more you could ask for?
Has your child entered the Trees Rock contest?
What do you think your school would do with a grand prize of $10,000?
I would love to hear what your thoughts are! Do you use Scotties? Did you know they plant 3 trees for every 1 they use?

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