Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Love Affair with Influenster

I am sure most of you know I enjoy blabbing about everything I eat, bake, cook, wear, try, buy, sample, clean with, listen to, watch, drive, I mean, practically everything I do offline is going to be discussed online, somewhere. I am also always very anxious to tell brands what I think and share my thoughts, hopes, dreams and ideas with them to let them know they are spectacular,that I am hoping to see something new soon, or that my kids just love them so much and I don't know what on earth we would do without that brand, product, service, show, music or author.
 I shop a lot! Not that I splurge on all kinds of fancy things for myself, (although I am a major, major snack, beauty, book and coffee addict!) and I love nothing more than surprise boxes that arrive on my doorstep each month! (You know those kinds, the samples, trial sizes, new products, crafts, toys, BEAUTY PRODUCTS and SNACKS!!)
 I just can't get enough of those. I have so many trial sizes and samples and products and pretty little beauty bags, recyclable shopping bags, boxes that we repurpose, all filled to the brim! (I also get a lot of giveaway items from these boxes. By the way, be on the lookout for a very cool scavenger hunt in the next couple days!)
 When I receive these heavenly boxes of gorgeous and yummy treasures, I like to try them and even give some away and I love to thank the brands for the products and when I absolutely adore something, I HAVE A BIG MOUTH! (Or should I say, hands? Fingers? Lol!)
 One of the coolest things about sharing on the internet, are these websites where you can get rewarded in some way to shout your opinions and thoughts about brands, products and services. Sometimes I win gift cards, other times I earn gift cards, sometimes, I even earn free boxes or extra goodies!! I am a member of at least 10 websites where I review products on a regular basis and since I really enjoy the way the website is set up, or how a program they offer is set up and my most very favorite addition, TWITTER PARTIES!, I will always schedule that website in my agenda.
One of the most fascinating websites that I have ever come across is, Influenster. If you haven't heard about, Influenster, you may want to check them out. Maybe you have heard about these, "Vox Boxes"? I have heard of them and seen them and adored them from afar. I have yet to receive one but I am trying and trying and trying to earn the opportunity to receive one.
 Vox Boxes are stocked full with amazing products that the awesome people from Influenster, believe are worthy of landing in your precious hands. They usually seem to go by a theme of some sort and they come loaded with everything you need and from what I have seen in many reviews, FULL SIZE PRODUCTS! Now, again, I haven't had the chance to receive one but I have seen them on other blogs, social networks, Influenster Vox's Twitter page and their Facebook page. I can honestly say that you are a mega superstar if you get the chance to receive, try, review and hashtag your box all over the interwebs!
 Now, of course we all love grabbing free stuff to try and yes, getting a box with some luscious smelling and scrumptious tasting supplies is like waking up on Christmas morning! But, Influenster has so much more to offer.
 If you like rewards, perks and just hanging out, chillin with internet friends who happen to have opinions and ideas to, then, you may want to sign up!
 One of the best parts about, Influenster, would have to be, Voxperks! You may be familiar with perks from other websites, Influenster is no different. They offer a wide variety of perks, thanks to sponsors and they will show up in your account when you log on. (They have expiration dates so if you are going to take advantage of a perk, grab it up as fast as you can!)
 One of the neatest perks I have seen would have to be the "12 for $12 Instagram tattoos"! I also have a Voxperk available right now for a free bottle of wine and free shipping! Oh La La!!
 Another radical bonus you will get when being a member is, campaigns! Campaigns usually consist of some sort of blog post or social media campaign or a special contest available for Influenster members. You may have to find a certain product in a store and snap a few photos and share or you may be asked to write a blog post and share that.
 Of course, Influenster doesn't skimp on prizes, so, you want to make sure you snap, share, link, write, post, Tweet, Instagram, whatever it takes to get you up on the top of the list to be available for prizes. Not only are they fun to participate in, they are a fun way to get to know brands and learn about different products or promotions. (Oh and for bloggers, it gives you some more to write about, just in case you would ever possibly run out of things to say!) Now, I am onto my favorite part of Influenster. The reviews and questions!
 I mentioned earlier, how I am a loud mouth and I am really never shy. I will talk and talk for days about something I love if I want too. (and if anybody ever feels like listening!) If you also enjoy sharing your thoughts and ideas and experiences, you can do this!!
 Influenster has thousands of products available for us to review and let the brand know exactly what we think. You can even leave questions there for other members or the brand and you receive an email if somebody answered your questions. Now, if that doesn't sound like enough to make you stop whatever you are doing and run to the nearest computer or phone, (By the way!! Influenster has their own app!), then maybe when you hear about my next favorite part, you will say, "OK! Now, I am going to sign up!!" Badges!
 Badges are basically that, badges. But, they have to be unlocked by you. How, do you ask? By sharing your reviews, answering member's questions, completing campaigns and reviewing and sharing any Vox Boxes you may receive. You can unlock as many badges as you want and you can earn every single one, if your little heart so desires! You want to show off your expertise and skills, right? Of course! Badges are just the way to prove your mad skills and ninja techniques? No, you can't wear them around your house, at school or work or at the mall, but you can show them off to your friends and share about how much you are adored!
 Besides all of these reasons, I have to mention that I think it is absolutely wonderful how we are able to communicate with brands and let them know what we think. I trust brands a lot more when they are a part of a community like this and when they attend Twitter parties, I am thrilled! It shows they truly care about us, their customers. I like to think that by sharing my opinion, I have a say in what brands offer in the future and what to do away with, what to keep and what to invent. I think that after all, this is the best part. Working together to create some of the most fascinating, most delicious products! For that, I am very grateful for Influenster!

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