Sunday, December 28, 2014

Perfectly Blended Nescafe with Coffeemate Instant Coffee

* I received a free product,  thanks to Nescafe with Coffeemate and Smiley360, in return for my honest review. Receiving a free product or sample does not change my opinion or statements about the product. *

I was a little worried about this product when I first learned about it. I love, absolutely love and only use Coffeemate powdered cream for my coffee. (It's just the way it's always been and probably always will be.) We don't just buy a canister, we buy the giant 35.3 oz can! I am a coffee addict, my husband is too. But, I'd say I drink at least twice what he drinks. What can I say? It's the only way I can start my days! (and get through a day and relax at night when the kids are in bed.)
I drink brewed coffee everyday. I actually prefer to brew my own before I would stop for coffee at any store, restaurant, even coffee shops. I just don't feel like spending the money on it and I like my own coffee. Yes, I do love to try new things but there are a few things I won't switch up to often and coffee is one of them.
So, I received my package from Smiley360. It included a canister of this strange stuff AND 3 coupons for free canisters of Nescafe with Coffeemate! That was awesome and well, certainly appreciated and used. (I have already purchased another canister because, yes, indeed! I do like this tasty, time saving, space saving treat!)
I bar tend and I work weekends at a bar who only supplies a coffee maker. So, I am constantly lugging a backpack or a bag for my personal stuff and a second bag for my coffee, cream, sugar and filters :/ ) I decided to grab a box of sugar and throw that in my bag, along with this canister of Original Nescafe with Coffeemate instant coffee, one night. (By the way, that was nice, not having to carry 2 big bags with me! People are always asking, "Are you moving in?" "NO" I reply, "No, not at all. I am just to busy and if I have the chance, I will cut out these coupons, fill in my agenda, blog, post on Instagram, shop, pay bills and of course, I always have coffee!")
I do have access to a microwave and a stovetop at work and I prefer water to be boiled on the stove for hot tea, hot chocolate and coffee. (and everything else too!) I found a pot and filled it up, put my goodies on the counter and let the water stay hot all night so that when I had time, I could go mix up a cup.
I was surprised, really. I usually tend to add more cream then the next person and I didn't even feel the need to with this product! It actually IS creamy and quite delicious!
I also only ever used one brand of instant coffee in my life and it wasn't Nescafe, so, this was a shocker to me.
I don't know why, but it didn't taste much different than brewed coffee and I was loving this!
No more second bag, no more cold coffee sitting on the bar when I get to busy to drink it. No more old, yucky, thick, gross coffee in the pot when I finally get the chance to run back for more. No! Now, I can grab a ladle and fill my cup with this instant coffee that already comes with cream, perfectly blended together!
Another added bonus I started using.... I add a spoonful to brewed coffee sometimes, for the extra kick! It's quite nice really and has a good flavor to it.

I love the original the most, but the Hazelnut and French Vanilla are both pleasantly delicious and taste high quality.
I also enjoy the extra time it saves me. (Even if I have  Keurig. Well, maybe not a real one but a coffee maker that will make one cup and comes with a filter.)
I often overestimate myself when it comes to how much coffee I can drink and I end up wasting more then I'd like too. (I'd rather not waste any. Although, coffee is good to dump into soil for certain plants!) At night time I think, "Boy, I could use a few cups of coffee!" Well, it ends up being one or one and a half and then here I go, wasting more coffee.....
So, I started using Nescafe with Coffeemate for my night caps, just in case! 
Have you tried this product yet?
I would love to hear what you think? Did you find it as clever as I did? A timesaver? Moneysaver? 
What is your favorite flavor?

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