Friday, December 5, 2014

Introducing The Honest Company

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The Honest Company is the modern family's trusted resource for unquestionably safe, effective, and beautiful non-toxic lifestyle goods. Their products range from diapers and childcare, bath and body, household cleaners, and health and wellness products - all made with safer and healthier ingredients. Customers can also save up to 40% by signing up for one of their convenient, completely customizable bundles where customers choose the products they need (and want) and decide how often they ship directly to their doorstep! All you have to do is Bundle & Save! 

The Honest Company

For holiday delivery by Wednesday, December 24th.

Friday 12/12/2014 2pm PST for ground shipping
Thursday 12/16/2014 2pm PST for 2 day shipping
Wednesday 12/17/2014 2pm PST for overnight shipping

I currently receive 2 monthly bundles from The Honest Company each month. (Well, I have had to skip a few here and there but, it is super easy to do so!)
You can edit, add to, delete, skip a month, add an extra bundle, whatever your heart desires!
I have had an excellent experience with this company, (which is why I will post and share their products!)
Some things we have been avid fans of:
My 7 year old princess has extremely long, fairly thick hair. Of course, with that comes countless hours of brushing, combing, and KNOTS! We have tried quite a few different brands of detanglers over the years and The Honest Company is one of our top 2 favorites. by far!
I am a fan of their cleaning products! Very clean scented all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and reasonably priced too! They also sell refills for the spray bottles at an even better price! Yes, they work quite well actually! I have some sort of addiction with cleaning products and beauty products and there are some products I can not go without, The Honest Company has at least 7 of these products. (and we haven't even tried them all yet!)
We use their laundry detergents and boosters and again, these are top of my list of "must haves".
Oh, I know it's winter, (or almost winter, depending on where you are. It is winter her in PA!), but, we always have a couple bottles of The Honest Company's sunscreen and bug spray. Both of these products work awesome! We live in a very rural area and go camping quite a bit and have a few little ones who are deathly afraid of bugs! (Lol!) But, they know where their bug spray and sunscreen sprays are and I feel safe spraying them since they ARE safe and non toxic!
All of my children use The Honest Company's bubble bath and bath gel. (Especially since we had an extra gift in one of our boxes one month and the kids were able to blow bubbles with their bubble bath ;)
Speaking of extra bonuses and gifts, I received the sweetest gift in my bundle for Mother's Day! A little Mother's Day card attached to a pomegranate lip shimmer! That made my day!
I am completely pleased with our bundles! I just love the ease of service and shipping, the website works well, it's is very easy to navigate and edit whatever you may need.
I also like the prices. I am a coupon nut but, I save gas money, I don't run out and their prices and service can't be beat.
Do you subscribe to any bundles?
If so, which ones?
I would love to read any comments from fellow, Honest Company junkies!!

The Honest Company

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