Thursday, January 29, 2015

Do You Trust Brands With Only 5 Star Reviews?

I sure don't. I absolutely, positively will not trust a brand who has nothing but, 5 star ratings, everywhere on the internet. Especially when there are several BBB complaints, (which the company can not erase....)
I just can not find any reason to think that there will ever be a pretty large company, skin care company, who only has 100% results, every time and with everybody. It is just not possible.
I feel bad for people who may fall into the trap of companies like this and end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars, trying to get that beautiful, perfect looking skin and getting stuck in subscription services and not being able to tell ahead of time that this company has BBB complaints about being overcharged, not receiving phone calls back, things not being credited to their bank accounts and having reactions to chemicals in their products.
I feel offended by this, in many ways and I wish more consumers would be more aware of these tiny things that could end up helping them make a decision as to whether they would like to do further business with the brand.
I have been researching this specific company ever since I was invited to an online party by a friend who I believe, has been brainwashed by the overly excited representatives of this company.
Here is what I found while surfing the web:

1) I found a few links for potential bad reviews, but instead, it ended up being a blog post or a post on the brand's website or a Youtube video, with a title that read, "Is...... a scam" or "My bad experience with....." and when you click, it is a representative of that company who created the misleading title, knowing that people are out there, looking for honest reviews of this brand.

This hurts me. It is immoral and it is wrong. It also makes me question what in the world is wrong with your product that you can not allow real reviews to be posted?

2) I found an article on Good Housekeeping, not a great article/review and not necessarily a horrible one either. BUT, they definitely had some issues with the specific product that they reviewed.
Now, I trust Good Housekeeping, in fact, I emulate them and I can not believe what I found in the comments section.

7 representatives, literally flipping out and insisting that Good Housekeeping didn't use this specific tool properly and they are so happy that Good Housekeeping was able to provide the results they provided, even when they didn't use it properly.

Ok, first of all, it was used properly. 3 of the test subjects had to drop out of the review due to skin irritation. That isn't uncommon. So, why try and hide this?

"I agree with .... and ..... As far as I'm concerned THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! Considering they did not follow instructions or learn the specifics of the entire .......... regimen and still had results."

 "So... the roller wasn't used according to manufacturer's instructions, that is, in conjunction with the ....... regimen. No before-and-after images are shown with this review. Yet even with that a third of participants preferred the results they got with the roller. Seems to me the ...... performed quite admirably given the handicap it had in your testing process."

The above comments and many more, were ALL made by brand reps. Why are they stalking the internet, 24/7, to rip people down and tear them apart if they say even 1 thing that may bring down their superficial, dishonest, 5 star review status they have on the internet?

3) The reps are all over the internet with very catty replies to absolutely any and every comment you will find on any video or article. Are they told to do this by their higher ups? and if so, why would or why should, anybody trust a brand who uses such dishonest and misleading practices?

4) The reviewers are reps and they are not disclosing this information. It is a law, FTC law as a matter of fact, to fully disclose ALL relations with a company and if the products were free and if you were paid to review these products.
How do I know they are reps?
I can't say every single one is positively a rep but I guarantee they were promised something in return for their reviews. However, I was able to track several of the so called "reviewers", straight to their Facebook pages and their own websites and sure enough, they are reps. Same names, same everything.

5) This comoany has removed the option to review on their Facebook page. I actually posted on their Facebook and asked, "Why can't people post their reviews on your Facebook page?" They replied with this:

 Hi Brandy, Thank you for your question, we welcome your feedback. Our Facebook page is a our brand page and we currently allow comments and public wall posts. We encourage you to leave your comments and reviews on our page. Thank you.

Ok, that would be great! However, all I can find from the very beginning of their Facebook page creation, is a bunch of reps and photoshopped before and after shots. (More on that in another post.) 

So, what did I conclude from my research and investigations? 

I concluded that this brand/company is hiding to much. They train their reps to use dishonesty in order to collect customers and even more potential reps. I can not trust and will never trust a decent sized brand's Twitter or Facebook, being 100% clean and flawless. Not 1 complaint, anywhere and the cult like behaviors by their reps is seriously disturbing.

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