Thursday, January 22, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Giveaway!!

This week we will be focusing on a totally rad website,
 I met up with this small business owner a few months ago, on Twitter and have been just loving her products and her business! (Not to mention, she is a very cool online friend to have too!)
 I know most of my readers are aware of how important it is to use beauty products that are toxin free, free of chemicals and other icky stuff that we wouldn't want to put on our skin, our children's skin or inside our bodies! Well, I am constantly online reading, checking out new products, researching and of course, shopping ;)
 I came across Revescent and instantly was in heaven!! Revescent offers a wide variety of products for baby skin, grown up skin, wellness products, bath products, men's products, nail products, fragrance, nail polish, it's like a beauty product addict's dream come true!! You can find the best of the best all natural, organic luxury products on the market and she is always adding new stuff! Another cool thing about, Revescent, is you can often find her on Twitter and she always responds to any questions or concerns you may have. That is one of the main reasons I would recommend this website to everybody and anybody who loves to try new products.
 I usually "grade" brands and small business and of course, customer service is always important. But I am always a sucker for a smaller business who mans the ship on their own or with a small amount of people. If they engage on social media, reply to comments, tweets and messages and they post or tweet often, that shows they truly care about their customers and I really don't know how you could find any better then that. I mean, it's seriously like having a personal shopper or beauty expert, at your fingertips!
 Now, I freak out over some goofy, nerdy things sometimes and little things seem to grab my attention and hold my interest. (I'm talking serious nerd. Lol!) However, I am certain you will find why a business such as, Revescent and all of the brands she offers, is so valuable.
 I'm sure you have heard of or seen or received one of those cool subscription boxes that you can subscribe to each month? (I am a mega box addict but I have seen lots of people online who are more hardcore about these things than I am lol!)
 If you don't know what I'm talking about, there are several crates, boxes, swagboxes, bags even, all kinds of goodies you can subscribe to that cater to a specific shopper or genre of shopping. I am an avid subscriber of beauty boxes, all natural food and snack boxes, craft boxes, tinker crates, nerd boxes, meal boxes, fruit boxes, it's almost insane how many of these come each month! (Yes, I share with my kids! Actually, at least half of them are for my kids!)
 There are many reasons why I love receiving these boxes each month. Mainly, to try new products and to stay in the "know"! We don't get out and about to often, due to my disability and to where we live. (Nowhereville), so, it is an extra bonus for all of us! It's like, Christmas, every month and I love how excited the kids get when they see their boxes arrived.
I can't even begin to list all of the amazing brands and products we were so lucky to come across, but, I do list them and tweet them and go absolutely crazy over them through social media... OK, that's actually a whole other post ;)
The point I was trying to get at with these boxes and Revescent, is that if you subscribe to any beauty boxes, you probably received a box or 2 or more that included a product or 2 or more... that made you roll your eyes or say, "Ummmmmm" and maybe it ended up being given away, (which is a nice gesture!), donated, (again, awesome gesture! I like to donate items like this, even though I know food and things like, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc are top priority, I just know when you are down and out, sometimes a few tiny things may make you smile and boost confidence.)
 I can almost hear you say, "OK! What is the point??" Sorry, I have a tendency to go off and off again and again. But, here's the thing. You can create your own, personal beauty box on Revescent, by choosing samples and trial sizes and guess what? They offer FREE shipping for sample orders!
 You can choose from a pile, yes, I do mean a pile of samples from some of the most gorgeous colors, shades, scents, bubbles, cleansing oils, washes, tiny mascaras, lipsticks, even bags of body glitter, shimmer! I promise you will be here forever, trying to decide what to get!
 The best part is, you can buy samples and create your own box and not worry about products that you won't use, no repeat products, (unless you want them!) and again it ships for free!
 I pointed these things out to Revescent, on Twitter one night and it was so cool because she mentioned a favorite customer of hers who simply orders samples all of the time and she comes back and just grabs more samples. What an awesome idea! You get to try all of these things out and anything new and you never have to wear the same shade after that order or you can add it to your regular pile, the choice is yours! Who doesn't like that kind of freedom??
 Onto the giveaway!!
 The winner of this giveaway will be receiving a gift card code for The gift code will be emailed to the winner after the winner responds to the winning notification email. (I am hoping to stock up on more products in the very near future and I will be giving out a prize from her site as well! This was kind of a last minute thrown together thing and in return for all of her hard work, kindness and effort and excellent way she runs her business, I wanted to help out and spread the word a bit!)
 So, be on the lookout for this because I am working on something very cool, very soon! In the meantime, please, enter our scavenger hunt and try to win 4 boxes from, Graze! (Yes, I subscribe there too lol!) They are a wonderful company also and I thought this prize was a perfect fit for a perfect business!

** If you are already a member, no problem ;) I will Paypal the money to cover 4 boxes of your membership or you can choose a $50 gift card!! **

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  1. So honored to have met you and to be part of this amazing giveaway! Your kind words are truly humbling.

    1. Thank you :) I am so grateful I met you! It's awesome to have a friend to talk to who knows where I am coming from. (Unfortunately with medical issues.)
      I am just elated to have somebody to talk with!!
      You are always so sweet and kind ;)