Thursday, January 15, 2015

Headed Anywhere for a Weekend Getaway?

I don't know about you but I am so seriously done with winter already!
I know we didn't get a whole lot of snow where we are. We did get a lot of below 0 temps, ice storms, high winds and really, really, really bitter cold weather.
I wish we could have a getaway before the winter months are over! Well, we did get a chance to go to Kissimme, Florida in November, for the Moms Meet Wow Summit! (That was a blast!!)
But, I'm ready to travel back from Pennsylvania and get back to much milder weather.
Some people get super lucky and have a chance to travel during the winter months. Whether it's visiting family in warmer climates or because they just want to get out of the cold!!
If you are one of these lucky people, please send me a ticket so I can come along!! (Just kidding of course!) But, maybe you need to grab some of Honest's non toxic, natural personal care products to help protect your family from all of that fun in the sun!!
Here are some of my favorites:

Swim Diapers These swim diapers are so adorable and reusable!! Honest's swim diapers can be washed and reused and washed and reused, over and over and over again! These are chlorine and fade resistant too.
 OH! The prints are made of non toxic dyes! (That's a big, big plus!) Another good thing to point out, is these aren't like disposable diapers. You know the kinds that expand and sometimes even explode when you get them in the water?? You even get an adjustable waist with ties so you can get a snug, comfy fit.
 Sun Screen This is one of our regular monthly purchases in our box. I love that Honest's sunscreen is natural, unscented and broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) 30 SPF mineral sunscreen. It is also water resistant. (It will last for 40 minutes!) Non nano, hypoallergenic, vegetarian, non whitening, bio degradable and reef friendly.
 Bug Spray This is another of our favorites and one of our regular purchases. It smells lovely and clean. You can tell it's an all natural product! No harsh, synthetic or petroleum based ingredients. But, it is made with organic essential oils.
 Lip Balm Trio I haven't tried the lip balm trio, yet ;) But, I love lip balms, actually, I'm addicted. These are extra cool because they are organic and moisturize from within, unlike other lip balms that use petroleum. You get 3 scrumptious flavors, all with their own added benefits. Lavender Mint, Sweet Orange Vanilla and Purely Simple.

 Even if you aren't planning on going anywhere to escape the snow and cold this winter, maybe you want to start stocking up for when the warm air and sunny days!

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