Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dual Ended ChapStick Hydration Lock Moisture and Renew Review

* Disclosure: I received a free product and coupons from ChapStick and Smiley360, in return for my opinions and honest review of this product. Receiving a free sample, product, coupons or payment never sways my opinion or review and I will always disclose exactly what I received in return for my review *

Hi, my name is Brandy, and my drug of choice is, lip products! Glosses, moisturizers, glitters, plumpers, stains, lipsticks and ChapSticks. (Honestly, I should say, "My drugs of choice are beauty products of all shapes and sizes!"
I can't help it, especially since I turned 40 and became a grandma, I am an extra, super, duper beauty junkie. (I'm trying to keep my cute, youthful glow for another 40 years, or um, as much as possible!)
I am notorious for applying glosses and chapsticks, several times a day. After every drink, snack, meal, phone call, teeth brushing, before grabbing the mail, before running errands, at work, before work, after work, in the winter, fall, spring and summer and after every time I bite dead skin from my lips and every time I lick the scented goodness from my lips! (Hey, don't judge! Who doesn't get hungry for cotton candy when you smell it all day?)
Ok, see, I admit I have this problem, sooo, it isn't the same thing, right? Well, it does suck. It is easily hidden with sloppy applications of goopy, pink, glittery, glosses that end up smelling even more like candy apples, pop rocks, cherries, strawberry cheesecakes, peppermint, spearmint, oh my, it's making me hungry just thinking about it!
I have tried everything, well, I thought I did. I mean, I think lip stains and lip sticks are so groovy, but I never get to use them often, unless they are slobbered over with some tasty lip gloss and even then, it doesn't last real long.
I do tend to favor glossy, pinks, bright reds, bright pinks, even whites and usually some sort of glimmer, shimmer or glitter. But, I always loved the look of lip stain, maybe just with some shimmery, white gloss, right in the middle of my lips. (It seems to make them look more plump and juicy!) But, lip stain, no matter the shade, does not look so pretty on bitten up lips.
No, my lips aren't bitten down to a bloody, painful pulp, but there is probably a little sliver of skin that I can rip off my lips with my teeth at any moment. I sometimes have this odd belief that if I rip enough off, I'll make them smooth again, however, this only seems to work for about an hour. (Do not try this at home!)
Anyway, I received a special little goody package from, Smiley360 and ChapStick in the mail and I ripped it out of the pack and tried this snazzy tube of, Dual Ended Hydration Lock Moisture and Renew ChapStick and after making several goofy attempts to open it and twist the end to bring this moisturizing dream come true, up so I could try it out, I realized I was not to twist the bottom at all! (Another, do not try this at home!!)
I realized, "Oh, duh! It's dual ended, so, both sides have to open and both sides need to twist up and both ends have their own little dial to twist, directly beneath it!"
Luckily, the other end wasn't to smooshed up, but it almost hit the cap and there would've went my nice new ChapStick.
I finally had it figured out and was able to use it.....My very first impression was, well, this is ok, but, it doesn't seem to awesome, I mean, it doesn't taste like anything and it doesn't glide on like gloss?? Well, of course it isn't going to and of course it shouldn't, otherwise, it'll defeat it's purpose! (Unless it's just me who has this problem?)
After a few minutes and no tingling or burning, I thought, "Hmmmmm. This can't be so bad, I mean, it definitely felt like it was moisturizing and renewing because, I instantly felt and could see improvement!
I continued to use this a few times a day, for a few days, all by itself!! No, glittery, hot pink glosses, no shimmery, marshmellow scented and tricking me into tasting it and guess what? There were even MORE improvements!
(The only thing that did not improve was me, remembering NOT to twist the bottom of 1 end when trying to bring up the other side!) I really wish there was a better way to package this goodness but, I can't for the life of me, figure out a better way. (Again, is it just me?)
I decided to treat myself to some lip stain and gloss, I don't care for just the matte look but I have to find another way for the shimmery look because I was right at the biting and ripping layers off again.
The good thing was/is, that, ChapSticks Hydration Lock Moisture and Renew actually works. I don't come across this very often with lip products who swear up and down to provide you with some amazing benefits. But, this stuff is like rehab for lip biters, peelers, pickers and even people who live in warmer, humid climates or cold, windy climates and everybody in between.
What else is nice about this product is the price. I have seen it as high as $2.99 but as low as $1.99, regular price.
Just last week a local retailer offered these at a dreamy price, 2 for $3! (Collect some 50 cents off 1 coupons to make an even better deal!)
Have you tried this new product from, ChapStick?
What did you think?
What lip remedies or products have you tried that actually helped with improving the look and feel of your lips?
Are you a member of Smiley360?

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