Monday, November 3, 2014

Neil Diamond Melody Road Review

 If you are a fan of Neil Diamond, you may already be aware that he just released his first original studio album in 6 years and first since signing with Capitol Records.
 There will be a special 36-page lyric book with guitar chords included in the packaging of each album. (That's classy and I really wouldn't expect anything less from, Neil Diamond!)
 I am 40, (yes and even a grandma, lol!) but, I remember, Neil Diamond being played on 8 track in my dad's Pinto. I always loved Neil's voice, I don't know what it is, but something in it tells you, "everything is gonna be alright.", when you hear it.
 I think my favorites are, "Sweet Caroline" and "America", of course! Oh and the Monkees song and all of the other soothing songs that Neil has had over the years. This album is no different.
It amazes me how some artists are able to still sound the same after so many years. Maybe it's just me, but, I like that about music. Change may be good in some things, but not everything and definitely not when it's Neil Diamond and your parents listened to him as you were growing up and you heard Neil every time you went to the drive in movies before the movies started!
I shared one of my favorite tracks from Neil's new album, Melody Road, below.
 If you haven't purchased,Melody Road, you can order through iTunes or Amazon.
 Check out Neil's website, here!
and you can follow him on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

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