Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stay Well Strategies 4 Kids Twitter Chat RSVP!

If you follow me on any of my social networks or my blog, you are probably already aware of our family's few year adventure with trying to replace everything we eat, clean with, bathe with, anything that goes into our house, bodies and even our pet's bodies, with the healthiest and best options we can find.
There are so many awesome brands out there and I am having the most fun trying their products, shopping, reading, writing and connecting with these brands online.
I actually have a little black book that I keep all of their website links, Twitters, Instagram and Facebook names so I can check in from time to time and check for sales and deals. Oh! and Twitter parties too!!
I have been using, Hyland's for many, many years. (My oldest is 22 but that's as far as I'm gonna go with ages today!) I started with Hyland's Teething Tablets and then went to several of their new products. (They don't just make stuff for children!)
This Twitter party is very cool, why? Because we get to connect with brands who actually care about our family and our children. They make some of the most important products on the market right now and happen to be a few of the brands I trust personally.
I haven't had the opportunity to try products from all of these brands but I am very anxious to learn more about them and what they do so that I can add them to our giant mix of healthier products!
Winter is almost here, (or if you're in PA like me, it feels like it's already here!) and this is a most crucial time to prepare for colds, flu, viruses, being snowed in and all of the other good stuff that comes with the blustery, freezing cold, germy weather. That is what we will be chatting about during our party!
So, after dinner tonight, or in some places, before dinner, take a break and join us for a Twitter chat where you can chat directly with brands and learn all about them and what we can add to our preparations for winter!
Please RSVP here!

You can start following the super awesome brands who will be sponsoring and OOPS! I almost forgot, the prizes!!
There will be 3 gift baskets, filled with all kinds of goodies from our sponsors and these are valued at $200 each!

Do what you have to do, grab your laptop, your cell phone, some wine, some coffee, hide in the bathroom or out in your car or send your husband and kids to the store for some chocolate ice cream and tweet with us!!

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