Saturday, November 22, 2014

Personalized Christmas Ideas

I haven't ever been a huge, huge Christmas nut. Of course, I do love Christmas, I enjoy the whole season. But, you won't ever find me in one of those jolly, pine scented stores that sells Christmas lights, decorations, Christmas everything, year round and has fake snow, blowing in your face, the happiest employees who are all so excited to be there because, well, Christmas and they wear and sell  those strange sweatshirts that my grandma used to wear every year with Rudolph and a red nose that lit up when you pulled a tiny string.
I must admit, we have had to take winterland strolls through some very peculiar places with carols playing in the background and elves everywhere. Because we have 4 kids and they just explode with delight  when we take them to see all of the, "Christmasy" parks, barns, shops and lit up villages.
One thing I have grown quite fond of, Christmas or not, are the absolutely adorable, personalized coffee mugs, day planners, calendars, magnets, stickers, notebooks, mousepads and greeting cards. (These are all some of my favorite inventions!)
I may be a bit corny to some but, nothing beats waking up in the morning and seeing your children's bright, smiling faces! (Only after a cup or 2 of coffee, of course!) Even when they are at school or they drive me nuts or are at their bigger sister's house for the weekend, I miss them so much! But, I can peek at their big smiles and charming personalities when I grab my personalized planner with their sweet little pictures, plastered all over it! (Yes, I have magnets, photo stickers, pens and pencils with stick figure drawings of them!) I have it all and it's one of those big things I am a real sucker for ;) No, I don't have a blanket yet, but I am working on that!
If you're like me, you sign up for several newsletters online through various companies and brands and sometimes I end up just deleting them without reading them, but sometimes, one catches my eye and I start checking into them a little bit more.
This was the case with, 
Now, I sometimes don't have a chance to dig through all of my newsletters in one sitting but, I put important ones in a folder. (I actually have a folder I named, "Minted".) Why? Because I started noticing they have been having some super awesome deals and new collections! One of those new collections I have been obsessed over, is their new Christmas card collection.
Ever since I became "computer savvy" and more "tech savvy", I have been saving tons and tons of photos that we take with our cell phones and actual cameras. I love to share, post, edit and I grab a couple different Christmas card designs each year and hand them out to family and friends. I just think it's a neat way to keep in touch and show how the kids have grown each year and give updated pictures to everybody. I also love how you can choose whatever picture or in some cases, pictures, that you like, rather then those boring school pictures. It just makes for a more genuine gift all around!
I really can't pick just one of these new designs! (This is why I said, i usually grab a couple, or I should say a few. I also like to keep a couple of each for myself.)
There are designs to fit everybody!
I think I have at least 5 in this collection that I would buy and yes, the grandmas each get 1 of each of those designs.
Oh, before I forget! is having a sale right now! 
Use code: HAPPYHOL15 and get 15% off your order and free recipient addressing on your holiday cards. (This sale ends Tuesday so you may want to take advantage of this asap!!)
Have you ever used,
I would love to hear any advice, tips, feedback....
What did you order?
It seems they have a more unique, more original selection to choose from than other companies I have used in the past. Do you also think so?

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