Sunday, November 23, 2014

What is Really Important in Life?

I was talking with my 7 year old, Genevive, about what black Friday is and why we celebrate Thanksgiving and what we're thankful for, etc etc...
I'm grateful that as far as I can tell, we're doing our job right, raising our kids. lol.
She asked why it is more important for people to shop then spend time with their families and be thankful for their friends and families and health and why would anybody think it's ok to shop and make other people work? (she came up with that by herself..)
So, I told her about the 2 women in California who have been outside of a Best Buy since November 4th, waiting for a tv that usually sells for $499, to be $199. She did the math on that and asked how much work they missed in the 19 days, soon to be 24 days, and what they would have gotten paid.
Then she asked how they are eating and so we looked it up and read a story about them, complete with photos of these 2 "women" all snuggled up with lots of snacks. (It appears to be fast food items)
Then Genevive went nuts and asked what I think they are spending each day on food. So we averaged $15 per person per day lol and I'm more then certain it's much more then that, so, then we figured they spent or will spend, $360 each, during the 24 days on food. (I'd double that to be honest.)
and they're each allowed 1 tv set at Best Buy, where they will save $300 each.
Besides the $ spent to save $, Genevive asked who is taking care of their houses, work, bills, kids, grandkids, (we don't know about their personal lives but wth) and also, where do they take showers and pee???
Genevive decided that she thinks people are disgusting (we did discuss that not everybody is this way.) but lol she said, "So, basically, what we have here, is a world full of idiots who will sit and wait for weeks to spend money to save money to spend even more money on a tv, which is part of their problem. I do like tv but I am not 1 of these stupid people who sits with my mouth open, moving my head from side to side, without blinking, to stare at a stupid screen!" LOL then we chatted about that for a minute or so and she went on to say, "I can't stand this place. Why doesn't somebody do something about these stupid people, well, they aren't even people! They are like, stupid robot zombies who only move when they want to eat gross food or shop! Mom, somebody has to stop this. OMG it's like they lost their brains and they don't even care about anything but food and shopping!"

 I know most kids know, if not all. I mean, talk to a kid once. It's fascinating. We really can learn a lot from them and in all actuality, I'm a firm believer that people are the cause of every problem in this world and not 1 thing will change until they change.
and in the meantime, while we wait for billions of jerks to change their sickening ways, we should elect a kid for president.

 Another thing I always have to laugh at, is how we all look in a kid's eyes. lol think about it...
How pathetic that this is what they see, day to day and they are looking at us, thinking we are crazy for acting so disturbing or we are crazy for not doing what we can to stop it

Now, don't get me wrong. I do like shopping. Well, I wouldn't say, "I like it." I mean, we have to do it. We have to buy the essentials needed to live and yes, I do splurge sometimes. Usually for beauty products, books, snacks, crafts, CD's and I also love collectible items from my favorite movies, authors, bands and YES! I am in love with subscription boxes!! But, this does not affect my family or my daily life or well being. 
I shop online, a lot! I can however, distinguish when it is appropriate to shop and when it is not. So, I am certainly not saying anything about a shopper. Even those who shop a lot and still have the sense to think, "Enough is enough!". 
There is a time and place for everything and in my opinion, the time for shopping just isn't during family time. 

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