Monday, November 30, 2015

Glo Wubble Bubble Ball

* We received a Glo Wubble and compensation in return for our review. All opinions are our own. *

We tried a Wubble Ball a few months ago and had the most fun ever with that toy! Unfortunately, yes, it popped, BUT, I sent in for the warranty that The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball offers and sure enough, they will replace your Wubble Bubble Ball. All you have to do is pay for shipping!! That isn't so bad, considering, shipping is just $6.99 and you do receive a brand new Wubble Ball or Glo Wubble. (Depending on which one you need replaced!) and yes, indeed, this is a lifetime replacement warranty, so, no worries there!

The fact that this toy brings so much entertainment and so much fun, even if it only lasts for a few days of outdoor play or a few months if you are careful, is reason enough for us to include this product in our gift guide and continue to play, buy, and recommend this product and all of their other fun Wubble Balls!

You can find a lot of really sweet deals on all of the Wubble Balls right now and they are perfect to have on hand for parties, picnics, last minute gift ideas, birthday gifts for neighbor kids and friends. (You know, those last minute invites and presents you have about an hour to figure out!?) Everybody who has played at our house when we have a Wubble Ball, bugs and bugs every time they come over, "Could we please get the Wubble Ball out?" My 12 year old is able to use the pump (Yes, the pump is included with this one!) and get it ready for play! Not only does it get all of the kids outside and active, it allows me to get some things done. That alone makes this product worth it to me!

Between all of the shrieks and laughs and yelps outside, (or downstairs in the play area, if it's raining.), the kids are having fun, taking turns, playing dodgeball, volleyball, or whatever new game they make up and all of those squealing kids will play for as long as you let them! This is one of my favorite benefits of the Wubble Balls! They get off of the video games, televisions, computer screens and cell phones and they play and play. Oh and get along while they play! (I can't stress enough how important it is to me that my children do spend quality time together, getting along!) I know, sometimes it seems like it is totally impossible!

What do your kids do for fun together? I don't know any kid who wouldn't want a gigantic ball to throw around at each other, especially a glow in the dark one!! Plus, it makes for good times for the grown ups too!!

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