Thursday, November 26, 2015

WubbleX Is Really, Really, Really Cool!!

** We received this product and compensation in return for our honest review. All opinions are our own. **

I think my husband had a bit more fun with the WubbleX than anybody else, to be honest. Of course, he wouldn't let me get any pictures of him with it but, I will say, he was beaming and the kids were losing it when they saw their dad running around like a crazy nut, cracking up and throwing the WubbleX at them. We kind of needed him because when it would float to the ceiling, he was the only one who could reach it!

For about 3 hours, (and the kids would have played even longer had it not been time for dinner.), all I heard in the kitchen and then downstairs, was yelling, giggles, and constant squeals and every once in awhile, a kid would be on the floor, literally laughing so hard they had to hold their belly and take a break. This is like the best family time toy ever created! 

You might think this is ridiculous. But, just like giant cardboard boxes, a ball that floats in the air is just to cool and just begs you to stop whatever you are doing so you can play! 

Luckily, the boys had a bench by the wall, to stand on to try to grab it because their sister kept trying to keep it away from them so, of course, the WubbleX kept flying towards the ceiling. (No, I would not recommend taking this outdoors lol!)

Unfortunately, the WubbleX is not included in The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball lifetime warranty, but, they are very inexpensive and you can count on at least a few hours of fun. Much more if you are careful! We were able to play for quite some time, for a few days, until my youngest got it caught on a nail on the wall in the hallway. Sadly, there were tears and I promised to order another one because guess what? You can find some really nice prices on these. ($20 or less!) and yes, this is a lot of fun for kid's parties! If you need to get a few chores done or just need to relax, pull a WubbleX out, the included helium, and voila! Instant babysitter! 

Like I mentioned above, the helium is included with this product, which is wonderful because, I don't have to run somewhere to pay to have this inflated as I do my foil balloons when I order them for parties and things. I will say that the WubbleX is a little stronger than a foil balloon that you would have for kids to bash around and play with. I mean, you are going to see that the WubbleX will lose some air and that's expected. It will withstand more hits, whacks, and bumps then a typical balloon would. It will also do some pretty fabulous tricks! Like, it will float in midair and it will bounce and well, it's pretty much like magic! 

We give the WubbleX 5 stars on an entertainment scale! 5 stars for family fun and 5 stars for originality! 

Do your kids spend countless hours with the WubbleX? or your husbands? :) 

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