Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

** We received a Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX in return for our review and promoting. All opinions are our own. **

Deegan, (Our 5 year old), is a big fan of VTech Toys. I am pretty pleased with them too, since, through all of these years of being a mom, (23 to be exact!), I have been able to rely on Vtech to come up with the most innovative toys each year that are not only cool, fun to play with, original, of excellent quality, but also because each toy is geared around learning! The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX is no exception!

Deegan thinks he's the coolest kid ever and can use his Kidizoom watch to catch the bad guys when he plays Army lol! He secretly records his brother and sisters and uses the evidence to make some interesting demands. Like, an extra cookie from one of their piles or for his big brother to let him play on his Xbox One. Although he hasn't really caught anything to incriminating, he has caught some recordings of his sister singing One Direction songs that she apparently doesn't want the rest of us to hear. So, it's been working out quite well for him!

I asked Deegan what his favorite part of his new watch was and he said, "I think I like the Funny Face Detector the best. No! Wait! Maybe the motion sensor or the games and the clock!" He really can not get enough of the calculator and clock! He is always customizing his watch and loves to change the time and try to trick us into staying up later or having another snack time. It's very cool because he has been telling me the time quite often since he has his smart watch and he's very proud of himself!

He also likes to take pictures with his watch and he is most often found trying to make the dogs do something cool so he can capture it on video or snap a pic! We sometimes find him in another room, cracking up, because he likes to have a couple of photos of each of us and he will use the photo filters, frames, and special effects to make us look, well, I guess, pretty hilarious! 

Of course, there are games. Deegan loves video games and he really, really, really likes that he has some games on his top secret smartwatch that he can hide out and play. He plays on the way to the grocery store, the doctor's office, when he's supposed to be sleeping at night, but, I won't tell! 

Sometimes, we hear him whispering and giggling by himself or with his favorite teddy bear, Snuggle, or his best friend, Cassie, (our American Bulldog puppy.) and we found out, he's recording his to do list and notes and sometimes he sings songs and records them on his Kidizoom Smartwatch DX! Other times, he is following us around, trying to get us to say, "Yes, Deegan, you may have 5 cookies instead of 4." and he will use this again and again to make sure that we know that one time, mom said this. (Even if I was super busy at the time and not aware of what I was agreeing with!) 

I would have to say that this toy definitely ranks up there with his favorites! When he packs up his backpack for a trip, errands, appointments, or just a day outside, he is sure he has his watch on and he's getting really good at hiding it at nighttime when he is to be sleeping! (We often find this in his little fist or under his pillow with new voice recordings!) It has been rare to see him without his watch. He's very proud and feels like a big person when he has all of his favorite games, Monster Identity, Funny Face Detector, motion sensor action challenges, and motion activated sound effects! Oh, you can also download more content through Vtech too! 

You can find a variety of colors and styles for girls and boys as well as action cams! These are great for kids ages 4 through 9. They are very durable and will last, even with your little Army guy (kid), who are sometimes in the middle of a battle in the backyard. 

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