Thursday, November 5, 2015

Essential Oil Intro Kit Giveaway

I have a lot of essential oil giveaways planned for the rest of the year and even in the new year! We will even be starting a new Twitter chat coming soon and yes, indeed, there will be prizes!

I thought you would get bored if you had to read a bunch of jibberish about essential oils, ways to use them, blah blah blah, so, I decided to just share something that I make regularly, with essential oils and maybe you want to try it, maybe not. Either way, there is a giveaway at the end of this post so, be sure to enter!!

I love making body butters, whipped body butters to be precise! I make them to sell once in awhile and to add to gift baskets, donation gift baskets, and of course, teacher gifts! My little ones have a lot of fun helping with making lip balms, solid perfumes, incense, butters, scrubs, the only thing I haven't let them really help with just yet, are candles and wax tarts. Although, my 12 year old is getting really, really, really good at wicks for candles. (I am a nervous wreck when trying to quickly wick several dozen tea lights as fast as possible, but he's a natural!)

So, this essential oil intro kit giveaway post, will be about my favorite cinnamon body butter.

You will need:

Cinnamon essential oil
Ground Cinnamon or grated cinnamon sticks
Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Cocoa Butter
A couple of drops of vitamin e oil
Jars or glass containers with lids
A hand mixer, a pot, and something to stir and scrape with.

I am not to keen on exact measurements for cooking, baking, or even making homemade products. I kind of eye it up and add if need be and of course, it also depends on how much you would like to make.

For roughly 4 4oz containers of whipped body butter, I use a little over 1 cup of coconut oil, 1/2 cup each shea butter and cocoa butter and about 40 drops of cinnamon essential oil. (I sort of just add 10 drops at a time until it seems to be enough.)

First, melt the cocoa and shea butter on low. Then add the coconut oil.
Once the butters and oils are all liquid, remove from heat and let sit for a few minutes.
Next, I add vitamin e. This isn't required, but, it adds to the benefits of this luscious body butter!
Then, the cinnamon essential oil.
The next part takes the longest but, you only need to whip every so often and check on the bowl every 15 to 30 minutes or so.
I put the bowl in the fridge to speed the process up and whip on high every 15 minutes for a few minutes.
I also add some sprinkled cinnamon for color and added scent.

Once you have your desired consistency, just spoon into jars and sprinkle some cinnamon on top!
I like to add ribbon and some cinnamon sticks or even wooden scoops when gifting! That's the fun thing about homemade products! You can make them your own, any way you like or make them to include labels for a charity, a friend, a wedding favor, baby shower, whatever you like. The possibilities are endless!

Why cinnamon?

Believe it or not, cinnamon doesn't just taste super delicious! It has many benefits for your skin too!

One of my favorite benefits, of course, is that cinnamon can be helpful for somebody dealing with pain. It helps remove stiffness in your bones and joints, thanks to it being an anti inflammatory substance.
Cinnamon works great for indigestion and is sometimes referred to as a digestive tonic.
Cinnamon oil is very effective in killing mosquito larvae. (This would be a great summer time body butter too!)
Cinnamon is said to help plump skin which in turn, would fill in lines. (Added bonus for all of us 40 somethings and even 30 somethings out there!) You don't have to just use cinnamon to plump up your skin but, it can also plump up your lips! One trick I use often, is, I keep a jar with olive oil and cinnamon sticks and just pull one out and use it as a lip plumper. Totally inexpensive and it smells lovely!
If you get cut, sprinkle some cinnamon on the cut and it will kill the bacteria! It is also said to be; anti septic, anti fungal, and anti bacterial.
Using cinnamon on your skin is also thought to help increase collagen, helps to enhance your complexion, and soothes dry and rough skin.

I could keep going but I know you are anxious to try to win some essential oils! But, if you would like to know more, or would like more ideas on how to sue cinnamon, please feel free to email me: I will also be writing more about different essential oils and their benefits and since cinnamon is such a beneficial oil, I will be chatting about it again soon!

** Please always check with your doctor before making any changes to your medicines or treatments! Essential oils should not be used to replace medicines prescribed by your doctor without consulting with him/her first. Always test for allergies to oils. You can be allergic to cinnamon! Do not ingest essential oils without consulting to your doctor first! **

Good luck ;)

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  1. Lemongrass because is alters your mood quite quickly

    1. I love lemongrass!! It does help lift spirits ;)

    2. I love lemongrass!! It does help lift spirits ;)

  2. Peppermint is my favorite oil because it helps ease head pain when it hits

  3. Mine is lemon! I love cleaning with it!

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  5. I adore lemon! I love all the uses and the fresh scent!!!! Thank you for the chance!

  6. I like the smell of the orange essential oil.

  7. i've actually never used essential oils before (hence my excitement about possibly getting to try a starter kit!) but i have a lot of nausea issues and my husband gets lots of headaches and i heard peppermint can help both of those things in some cases so i'm going to go with peppermint :)

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  9. I like bergamot a lot. I call it a sophisticated citrus lol. It is uplifting and sweet without spelling like a popsicle.

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