Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Persil Pro Clean Just Replaced My Long Time, Trusty, Dusty Detergent

** I received a coupon for a free bottle of Persil laundry detergent, thanks to Bzzagent and Persil, in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. **

I ordered brand new towels and bedding for everybody in the house last week, online.  The store I ordered from tends to have this peculiar scent, like, old, mothball kind of scent. I don't know why. But, even new clothing and things that come from there, always smell a little off. My husband always gets annoyed with this department store because, it's very hard to get the smell out of his jeans and Tshirts after he first buys them. It eventually disappears but, it does take quite some time.

When UPS showed up, with my 3 giant boxes, I was more excited about washing everything with my new obsession, Persil, more than I was about receiving our order today!

My 5 year old helped rip the tags off of everything, we opened all of the comforter bags, (yes, this department store smell gets inside of the bags somehow!) and we had this enormous pile of different shades of blue, pinks, and raspberry, piled on the floor. All I could think of was how much fun it would be to get this mothball smelling stuff, directly in the washer and how when it is all over, it will all smell like Persil! (I am truly hoping Persil makes some fabric softener, fabric refresher, even a wrinkle release of some sort, maybe some kind of body wash?? Maybe body wash is to much, but, it's just such a pleasant scent!!)

We started with the towels and then the sheets, then the new comforters and sure enough, as expected, when the first load was finished, literally, as soon as you open the washer, that fresh, outdoors, energizing, sunshine, glorious scent just fills your laundry room! I couldn't smell wet mothballs, so, it seems it worked quite well. Even after drying, still, no hot mothball smell, nothing but clean and brand new scent!

I am not exaggerating when I say that, when I started folding everything and putting it all where it needs to be, in all of the closets, my mood was just content and motivated. (Something that is really hard to do when you have a to do list with what seems like 300+ chores and tasks to do!) I actually was ready to fold more sheets, (maybe I am going insane because, who folds sheets??) But, our closets smell like Persil and what a sweet scent this is. All of our new towels, comforters and sheets are extra fluffy, extra soft and for the first time, actually folded up. Not just rolled up in a pretty ball that I can shove in between some comforters in the closet.

I think a neat idea would be to come out with even more scents, maybe by moods and maybe advertise them as such and definitely keep the price and the packaging!

One of the coolest benefits from being a Persil fan, is their Twitter account! You can Tweet #TheProfessional your questions and concerns, from 9-530pm MST and they will answer you! I have asked a few times and I have yet to stump them with any stain question! I like to purchase from brands who are active on social media and who will chat with customers or future customers and especially, be there when you need them. I think that says a lot about a brand. It shows they truly care about their customers.

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