Thursday, August 14, 2014

School Shopping Deals with Ebates #GivingBackPack

I was provided $25 by our sponsor Ebates to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. Ebates Back To School #givingbackpack #ebates
 It's that chaotic time of year again when we start rummaging through all of the sales ads, and trying to salvage from last years stock to see what, if anything, we can reuse or if we're lucky, open from our stock pile of school supplies, or even make look new again from an older sibling.
 School supply shopping should be a super fun time, (at least it was when I was growing up) but as a mom of 4, it's not so exciting anymore!
 I usually pick up odds and ends throughout the year, online, offline, anywhere I see a pack of markers, pens, paper clips, erasers, anything that I can use in my office or for crafts, I'll grab it! We sometimes end up with little crates filled to the brim with pencils, but no sharpener in site. That's when I grab 1 of my piles of sticky notes or to do list tablets and start making a priority list of what we need asap! (I don't know why it's been so hard to find a decent, dependable sharpener over the years) They just don't make them the same anymore.
Of course, with all of my top secret cubby holes and little office crates, we end up with way more then we need. Which is a good thing, because we are always gathering supplies for children who may not be able to go to the stores and grab the cute butterfly erasers, scratch and sniff stickers, pencils, folders, binders, and the character backpack of their dreams.
This year is especially fun, because we partnered with Madame Deals and Ebates, and we are participating with their #GivingBackPack event.
Lucky bloggers, such as moi!, were given a very important task.....Find a backpack and stuff it with school supplies, as much as you can for $25. We love challenges and we love donating to our community so it's been a blessing to be a part of this awesome event!
 I posted on my personal Facebook account, asking my friends to message me about any local school kids who may be in need of a backpack filled to the brim. (We usually take some to the guidance office at the elementary school each year) but we wanted to first try and find somebody nearby, so we could maybe cater the supplies to him or hers, liking. I received a message from a friend, about her granddaughter who will be starting kindergarten this year. Of course, Genevive was more then happy to help with this task!

We found out that this little girl loves the movie, Frozen, so we searched online for a Frozen backpack. 
Of course, I logged into my Ebates account, and started hunting. 
I had to shop on for my 11 year old son's birthday, so I checked there.....
Toys R Us had a special deal, get a free lunch kit when you buy a backpack!! (SWEET!!)
Genevive picked the backpack and lunch kit, (she's 7 and also loves Frozen!)
The backpack was $16.99, the lunch kit was free, free shipping, (since I had other items), and 1% cash back from Ebates!! 
Besides all of that awesomeness, I had a $5 reward on my Toys R Us card!!

Between The Dollar Store, Walmart (online through Ebates, of course) and our stockpile, we had so much, we barely fit it all in!

We spent $11.99 on the backpack and lunch kit,  $8 on, the extra  from CVS and The Dollar Store, (totaled $5) and we threw in the glitter glue pack, some lip balms, stickers, a couple pencils I picked up at Rite Aid for 10 cents and Genevive had the bright idea to fill her Frozen lunch kit with some extra snacks that we receive from subscription boxes, case purchases and review opportunities.
We did go a little over our $25, due to the items we added from our stock at home. But even if I add those items up, it maybe would've cost another $5.
We are delivering her backpack tomorrow afternoon, since I am a friend of her grandmothers, and Genevive is so anxious to meet her new Frozen fan friend, she has not been able to stop squealing and jumping up and down since she helped create this overstuffed, little girls dream come true!
The boys wanted to help with this project, which they did! We will be delivering 4 other backpacks to the school, Monday, and they are in charge of filling those up.

We had a lot of fun with this project, I am very grateful for Madame Deals and Ebates for allowing us to be a part of this.
We love helping our community and have always believed that ALL children deserve new school supplies!
I have been a member of Ebates for a long, long time, and although I forget to log on sometimes, I always love shopping online and I usually always remember Ebates the second I'm ready to check out. (I desperately need to remember to log on!) I am usually doing 20 things at once, of course!
You absolutely have to sign up if you shop online! I am a member of many, many, many cash back sites and Ebates has always had the most and the best retailers available.
Oh, one more thing! Not only do you have cash back from Ebates, but retailers sometimes have some very nice discounts and coupon codes available to Ebates members!
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