Friday, August 22, 2014

What Happened to Grown Ups?

The other night I was sitting with the kiddos, watching a few videos on Youtube and Aaron, my 11 year old, saw a "Ferguson looting" video along the side & asked to watch it.
It was disturbing, to say the least. People were even stealing the gum balls from the kids gum ball machine
It was embarrassing, it's sickening to see people act like this, grown ups running around like freaking animals, smashing bus terminals, store windows, car windows, just for the sake of smashing things.
My kids were just sitting here asking what their problem is & will people always be this way? Will this be what they have to look forward to when they grow up and have children?
Genevive wants to leave the country. Aaron was just about in tears.
He kept asking why people continue to do this, why do people hate each other so much?
He said he believes if all of the grown ups would stop yelling, hating, complaining, fighting, treating other people bad, if they would be nice to other people, help other people and not act like they live in a zoo most of the time, maybe the kids in this country would start to see the difference it makes and maybe they would learn that when you are nice to others and you stop fighting and complaining & blaming everybody else, things will change and the grown ups of the future will be those kids, who learned these things from their parents & we wouldn't have to deal with things like this....
Genevive decided that if the grown ups would start being nice and teaching their kids how to be nice, she guesses she will stay here. But only if when she is a big person, people change from what they are now.
Aaron explained that he talks to these kids online (video game groups & whatever) and they also think grown ups are lunatics.
The funniest part was when, Aaron said, "Most grown ups are just dumb. Maybe the kids should be the grown ups for a little bit and we can teach the grown ups how to act."
So, we were talking about that for a bit. 

Genevive thinks it'll take a few years of kids in charge, Aaron is giving us grown ups a year to learn how to take responsibility for our actions, how to treat others & how to learn how to behave.
 I agree 100% with them. I really think this will continue to get worse if we don't soon stop the hate, ( no, not just race, not just black and white), the ignorance, the division, the pure hell we live in.
I've learned a lot from my 4 little ones, I'm sure many of you have learned from yours.
Why continue down this path of hate and division?
Our kids are talking with their friends, they think we're nuts!
Our kids are looking to us to learn how to act, how to be a part of the human race and we are failing, miserably! They are losing hope and wondering what weapons they need to protect themselves, what can they do if this or this happens, where should they live, where are there the least amount of people, what job can they do from home so they don't have to deal with nutballs. This isn't right!
Our kids shouldn't be scared of their futures!!
How can we let them down like this?

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