Saturday, August 30, 2014

Please Treat Invisible Illness Sufferers with Respect

If you see somebody parked in a handicapped spot and they aren't in a wheelchair, bent in half, using a walker, please be decent and mind your own business.
They most likely are good at covering up any visible signs or there aren't any visible signs at that time.
Same goes for if you see somebody trying to climb into a bus because some jerkoff refused to let you have a handicapped spot because you have a history with the nasty bus driver and he's never been anything but very cruel to you, (that's a whole other story) and he happens to be the slob who is directing traffic and laughs and tells you there aren't any handicapped spots, even when you see them just fine and he laughs and tells you to get out and walk like the rest of the parents.
Ok, I will and thanks, because it took 30 minutes to walk and I missed a few classrooms at open house tonight.
I don't know how people can be so rude.
I couldn't get on and off the steps on the bus without crawling and the 1st bus driver threw a tantrum because he has a schedule to keep. The 2nd explained I shouldn't be scared and I can stand and use the railing like the other parents. Then of course, some ass behind me had to laugh and moan because he had to wait 30 seconds longer to get on the bus.
I hate having to explain what is wrong with me because I absolutely hate it. It hurts enough to have to be "abnormal" and not be able to do simple things.
I try my best to ignore a lot of symptoms, I cancel dr appointments most of the time and I don't pick up half of the medications I'm to take.
I would like to be a regular mom, a regular person, a regular wife, who doesn't have to crawl and can't complete simple tasks and can't do simple things like : walk up & down steps, walk on uneven surfaces or inclines, walk without dragging my foot, or feet, I mean, it isn't any freaking fun and besides all of that, it freaking hurts, terribly bad!
I'm not good at giving up and I'm very stubborn and I like to think of myself as a fighter, so, I'll keep fighting. But, have some freaking respect. Don't laugh and call somebody names or bitch because you have to wait an extra minute, and the ignorant faces just repulse me.
Maybe try having some compassion for once.

 You never know, you may get stuck here like me or the person you are laughing at.
(I just may slice the tendons in your feet and ankles just so you feel a fraction of what I feel, if you catch me on a bad day

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